How Tarot saved my sanity (again)

So. I am sat at my desk in my little caravan. I know I really need a break, or at least a cup of tea- but. I am unhappy with my recent business cards (finished in a rush) and am determined to redesign them. I have about 20 different designs saved- each a little more off balance than the last- and I am loosing all sense of what I actually what I want to portray on the cards. I am incredibly stubborn- and refuse to stop until I have created the perfect business card- despite the fact that I know I am in need of a cup of coffee (or even dinner). At last a wiser part of me kicks in. I decide to do a 3 card reading to ask what I should do. (I am a Tarot reader right!) Card 1- The moon. Now in adv

So what is Stav?

That is actually such a big question- I always struggle when asked! Stav is a way of understanding the world using the 16 runes of the Younger Futhark. Stav can be a martial art, healing tradition, life philosophy, basis for craft work, shamanic path….. and so much more. And yet Stav is not defined by any one of those applications, and many people are deeply involved in Stav with out following all of those paths. So- what is Stav? Basically it is the family wisdom tradition of IvarHafskjold (here is a link to his page) which since the 1980’s has been taught and practised outside of his family lineage. The core basics of the tradition are the 16 runes of the younger futhark- but we do not se

How to plan using Tarot

Remember planning with tarot is a gentle art- you are not looking for specific “yes” “no” answers. Rather checking in- can I achieve my hoped for goal? How can I best do that? How do I make the best of opportunities, and negotiate difficulties? One of the first steps with planning is to define, and reflect upon your goal. (you can’t plan unless you know what you are planning for!). It is helpful to start with a reflective 9 card spread to help you define your goal (also great if you have no real idea what your goal is!) Cards 1-3 where am I now? Cards 4-6 the journey. Cards 7-9 where would I like to be. If the cards in 7-9 are negative then really feel into that. Is it suggesting that your c

When Tarot does not work out as expected...

I had a regular in my workshop recently share a Tarot experience. She asked the tarot if a particular opportunity was right for her- the Tarot said overwhelmingly yes- but in the end opportunity was cancelled. I had a similar experience myself recently. A company asked if I would read regularly at an event for them- the cards said “oh yes, go for it” yet I never heard back from them. I have been contemplating this and share my thoughts out of interest.... Both myself & my regular asked the tarot if the opportunity was the right way forward for us. I know both of us to have put quite a bit of thought into the reading, and following up the opportunity after the reading- yet in both cases circ

My spiritual journey in Denmark

So I am back from my trip to Denmark, and a had very interesting time. In my daily life I work a lot with shamanism- offering healing, teaching, and holding a regular circle. I welcome people from various traditions and enjoy the experience, but I was really curious to see how it would feel sharing a circle with people from my own chosen path. My path is Stav- originally a family tradition and very much based on the runes. Rather than start explaining what Stav is you can find a link to a website explaining all right here. (very simply it is a wisdom tradition based on the Norse runes. ) This trip was a really big deal for me. I consider my personal path to be Stav- but how would that fit

My 8 of cups trip

You may know that I am passionate about tarot. I love teaching tarot, reading for others, and using tarot as a tool to reflect, guide, inspire and predict. But my real passion is a little known runic tradition called Stav. I connect with runes as energy patterns, and the Old Gods as real entities- though perhaps from a different space in the universe. Recently I was lucky enough to leave the business of family life and work to spend a long weekend in Denmark with a small gathering of other Stav practitioners. It was a real 8 of cups journey -one that I so often recommend to others, but have not enjoyed myself for many many years. To me the Rider-Waite card clearly shows 8 upright cups – pos

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