What happens in my Pagan Circle in the Old barns?

I thought I'd share what happens in my Pagan Circle, in the Old Barns, Rose Hill. What is the Pagan Circle? It is a space to come together, and to connect with source. What is Source? Well that depends on your world view. Your own higher guidance, or unconscious. Spirit guides, power animals, angels, gods & goddesses from your chosen path. "Divine" whether you have a name for the divine, or think of it as a universal energy. Why Connect with Source? Well there are various reasons, and for many people it is a blend of these reasons. #1 Gentle healing in a high energy scared space. It is amazing how the healing happens when you pause, focus on your breath, and deeply relax. I have had some peo

What exactly happens in a shaman healing?

Each session is completely unique. I blend my tools & experience to best meet your needs. So I'm going to share a series of blogs exploring different "types" of healings. One of the common things I do in a shaman healing session is to support a client in releasing emotional wounds from a past trauma. This often presents as self limiting thoughts, patterns or behaviour in heir current life. Why wouldn't you have processed the pain at the time? Lots of different reasons, perhaps- You were a child and weren't quite sure how to. You were protecting someone else by suppressing your emotions (often a parent, partner or child) You had commitments that prevented you from taking the time needed (work

How to read the Tarot #1

Learning to read tarot is like learning a new language. A language of colour, image & symbolism- which can not only reflect every possible human emotion & experience, it can predict patterns of likelihood for the future, and delve deep into the past. A language that is worth taking your time to learn.... My first piece of advice for tarot may be controversial. Pick one deck, just one deck- and immerse yourself in that tarot deck. Understand the symbolism of that deck, what the author & artist are trying to capture, and how you can read their symbolism. Get to know each card like an old friend, the best & the worst that each card has to share with you. With 78 cards setting aside time to loo

Running an Holistic business-Burnout!

Burn Out One of the biggest problems with running a small Holistic Business is that every job is mine. Social media, web designer, copy writer, workshop co-ordinator, news letter writer, accountant, cleaner. Then I am often holding space for clients that are desperate, which can be emotionally exhausting too. The biggest problem for me, is if I am ill or under the weather or my children are- in a team of 1 there is no one else to take up the slack. And this has left me perilously near to burn out on several occasions. I am working to deal with this, and the key is not to wait until burn out- but to have better work style all the time. #1 Work/Home bleed over. With mobile phones now being ful

How to use Tarot to plan.

I love planning with tarot. It is an important part of how I develop my business, and a very common way I help my clients too. I read for a lot of self employed/small business owners, looking for help to develop their business. Step 1 Is to be certain that the goal & time frame is very clear. It can be easy to miss this step, and go straight into a larger tarot spread. Pausing to feel if the goal & timeframe is right gives an added to depth to the second, more in-depth reading. Timing is difficult in tarot, and placing this reading within a set time limit is what allows it to be so accurate. So write your goal down, and the time frame. It could be quite big (I want to move house in three yea

Choose your tarot readers with care

A surprising amount of my tarot clients are people who have had a tarot reading that has left them scared or worried about their future. Often they have been to several readers, trying to untangle the mess that one reader left them in. Obviously- as a professional tarot reader, and someone who regularly books in readings myself, I think tarot readers can be a tremendous help. But is really is “buyer beware”. Here are my top tips to find the best reader for you… #1 There is nothing better than personal recommendation. Most of my best readings (not all I will admit) have come from recommendations. So if you fancy a tarot reading- ask your friends. And if you’ve had a good- or not so good- ta

The 4 of pentacles- a lesson in ebb & flow

As a tarot reader & author I often find myself just "throwing a few cards down" as I wait for a client, or a photo to upload. The problem with tarot- is it is always meaningful. I remember one of my first ever workshops. Climbing on to the table to "demonstrate" how a reading works. "This is just a dummy run" I said as I shuffled, lay the cards, and realised it was quite a personal reading all about me. I have learnt a lot since then, though I still demonstrate by reading for myself in workshops (teaching relationship readings- what would improve my marriage- & the ace of wands popped up. No explanation needed for that "advice" card- if you're new to tarot, just google Ace of wands- it wil

When the Tower & 9 swords mean a roast dinner.

The last week or two I have been stalked by the Tower & the 9 of swords. I know, I know "there are no bad cards in tarot" I say that myself to clients. But lets be honest- stalked by the Tower & the 9 of swords isn't my idea of abundance, joy & blessings. I tried to overlook that they were there, but their regularity, for every question, became a little too obvious. I am great at being objective for other people. Standing in a well balanced way & helping you to appreciate that this can be managed in a positive way. But when it's me, and my life, it is very hard to be objective. After a while I stopped trying to understand what their message was, and appreciate the energy they represented. I

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