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Running an Holistic business-Burnout!

Burn Out

One of the biggest problems with running a small Holistic Business is that every job is mine.

Social media, web designer, copy writer, workshop co-ordinator, news letter writer, accountant, cleaner. Then I am often holding space for clients that are desperate, which can be emotionally exhausting too.

The biggest problem for me, is if I am ill or under the weather or my children are- in a team of 1 there is no one else to take up the slack. And this has left me perilously near to burn out on several occasions.

I am working to deal with this, and the key is not to wait until burn out- but to have better work style all the time.

#1 Work/Home bleed over.

With mobile phones now being full computers it is really hard to have complete time off. Working from home it can often seem as if I am working 24/7, because I am always moving form family work, to work work. Never quite stopping. Picking up my phone to check something, answering phone calls when cooking dinner, scribbling notes whilst we watch Dr Who.

I am now going to have "work" time & "home time" and keep a note of the hours I work, so I can keep a good eye on my work/home balance. Avoiding that dangerous trap of hours spent doing work that is not the best use of my time, exhausting & not that productive.

My classic "procrastination through businesses" (10 of wands)

#2 Business Skills.

I know my lack of business skills means that jobs that could be reasonably simple take a lot longer, and cause me stress. I have made a list of those jobs that I find most difficult and have created a schedule to learn how to do them. This will take a little longer in the first months, but pay dividends in the future.

I am also booking into work with a business coach so I have an expert to support me in this journey.

#3 Investing in Self-Care

As the only member of my team, I am pretty important.

It is easy to be so focused on nurturing & supporting others (clients & family) that I overlook my own needs. My time is productive, and money is needed to pay for rent, food & my children's needs. It is hard to set aside time & money for self care.

Each time I have committed to a regular schedule of self care it has increased my well being & productivity- yet under stress it is always the first thing to go! I know I am not alone in this, the best way to protect against this is to book in regular time slots, see it as a business essential not an added extra.

#4 Organise, and take a little more time on those things that matter.

I know that I can shove things back in boxes, file paper work hap-hazardly, and spend hours looking for something that is still in the car.

I feel busy, I feel overwhelmed, so I cut corners knowing it will take far more time at a later date.

By following the previous steps hopefully I will avoid that "overwhelm", be more organised in my daily routine, and create a smoother process for myself in the future.

#5 Keep my eye on the bigger picture

The bottom line is I do love my job!

I love working with clients, writing, researching, teaching.

I love how I have built an amazing skill set, and jobs that used to leave me in tears & take hours (like updating my website) can now be quite enjoyable, and even be done with Dance Mums on in the background.

It is all too easy to get lost in a maze of stress & exhaustion, not appreciating how much I have achieved, and how much is so enjoyable. When it all gets too much I try to look back at my notes form one year ago. remember what seemed unattainable then is a part of my regular schedule now.

This is often a massive wake up call that next week all that stress & anxiety will be forgotten, what a waste of my precious energy! In time the best & worst of this will pass- so I may as well focus on the best and stop sweating he small stuff.

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