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A 10 of swords wake up call

When I look at the 10 of swords I see the impact of the logical mind and thoughts- the words we say to ourselves (the swords) impacting our physical health ( the body lying prone on the ground).

This is a natural progression from the 9 of swords (feeling trapped and overwhelmed by our own thoughts) and it can be a warning that mental overwhelm and stress are starting to cause physical symptoms.

In the 10 of swords I see various “hopes” offered that if we notice this card life can improve:

  • The water in the card- by connecting to our emotions we can move out of this mental overwhelm

  • The sunrise, or sunset, a feeling of change is implicit in this card.

  • The hand gesture- the blessing formed, found also in the Hierophant.

A huge part of my teaching style- both in workshops, and my book (Tarot- a Life guided by the Cards) is to share real life examples to bring the cards to life. I had a real 10 of swords experience this year.

I am a single mum- to 4 teenagers, and my outgoings are high- with rent, food, and this delightful “economic crisis”. I love my job- as a Tarot pro, rune-lore teacher, and shaman. But sometimes the balance of workhours, parenting, and everyday life just get too much. Teens need picking up (rural area), life problems need discussing, a client session is coming up, and dinner isn't cooked yet...

This Spring I was really struggling- insomnia meant I was getting 4 hours sleep on a good night, and the menopause was hitting me hard with symptoms that made life tough. I was dosing myself with various supplements, tonics, meditating. But it all seemed to be spiralling.

Then this summer I took a break from work, the longest since I started running my business. (to be honest I did continue to do some email readings- financially I need some income). My eldest headed off To America to work in a summer camp, and I took my younger three teens on my dream holiday. We flew to North Norway (Bodo) then gently travelled South (by boat, train, and bus) for three weeks. We were on a shoestring budget- so picnic food bought from supermarkets, and lots and lots of walking. On an average day we were walking 10 miles, and filling our time with reading, card games, and just soaking in the midnight sun and unbelievable nature.

It was about halfway through the holiday that I realised I was sleeping through the night. I think I was so tired from the cumulative effect of the insomnia that I just hadn’t noticed. And my hot flushes and the like had gone too. It was a real lightbulb moment. I tell clients endlessly that reducing stress will improve whatever health issue is impacting them (10 of swords is a regular in health readings) but to have it demonstrated so powerfully to me was a real wake up call. (To be clear- I offer health readings only to support someone's health from a complimentary view, never to diagnose or offer medical advice)

How easy it is to offer wise tarot advice to others, but not see it at all for myself!

We are home form our (totally amazing) three week trip – and guess what. The insomnia and menopause symptoms are creeping back into life once more.

I am busy decluttering and restructuring my work life. I can’t avoid stress- as a single, self-employed Mum, living in rented accommodation in the UK- some of the issues are outside of my control.

But.. I am finding better ways to switch off from work, and am determined to increase my daily walks with (and without) my kids.

Now I have felt just how much of a impact less stress, exercise can connecting to nature can have on my health. I am very focused on getting this right.


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