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Maddy Elruna


Tarot card reader and Norse Shaman

I have been reading, studying, and enjoying tarot for more than 20 years - it always seems to have been a part of my life!


I love exploring the story with in each imagery and symbolism within each card, and finding the story as I lay the cards out for a reading.

I enjoy teaching the tarot. I aim to bring the cards to life, and to help my students from their own life reflected in the cards. When you make the tarot personal it is so much easier to understand.

My reading style is a blend. My years of studying tarot allows me to really find the story within each spread. My shaman path allows me to connect with my psychic skills and guides, this adds an intuitive accuracy to my readings.

What I love most about tarot, just a pack of 78 cards, yet together they hold every human emotion & experience. Simple to learn, life-times to master.

I seem to have been exploring the role of shaman most of my life. I stumbled into a workshop with Emma Restall Orr which covered Druidry & connecting with spirit. I loved it, but it wasn't quite me.

In 1999 I found myself moving to Orkney to learn about the Norse shaman skills with Shaun Brassfield Thorpe- as part of the wisdom tradition referred to as Stav. I felt like I had come home. The Norse Gods & Goddesses, their stories energies & landscapes felt oddly familiar. I loved learning about Runes, working with staff & sword, and journeying to meet the Gods in the shadow lands.

I took a break from shaman work for  a few years to focus on raising my children and family life.  As the children grew older I found myself drawn back into shamanism again- this time learning about  Temenos Touch® with Evelyn Brodie. Evelyn helped me to connect with using shamanism as a skill to heal, as well as to journey.

Life has a way of coming full circle. In October 2018 I found myself reconnecting with Stav after a friendly visitor from Denmark came to share Sedir with me- now my spiritual practise is a beautiful blend of Tarot, Seidr  and Shamanism.

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