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Intuitive guidance with the runes

I have been working with the runes of the Younger Futhark for over 20 years now. They are the framework for how I understand the world.

A rune-reading is a powerful way to gain intuitive insight into an area of your life, a problem, a question. 

Or perhaps just to ask what you spirit guides would like you to know right now.

Fill in the form letting me know a focus for your rune-reading, let know how |I can best help you. And pay using the online portal.

You can ask:

  • About a specific area of your life.

  • What you guides want to tell you now.

  • Life or spiritual guidance.

I'll intuitively draw three runes (past, advice, future) and intuit the wisdom for you. I find the information simply flows with the runes! Obviously I'll name the runes as well-so you can see them, and use them yourself.

Normally this reading costs £45, but I'm in a rune mood- so if you book in November it is only £25.

You can expect your rune reading, via email, within 5 days.

Get ready for some intuitive insight on your life!

Your rune reading

Thanks for submitting!

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