Inspiration- lost in translation

Personally, I feel reading Tarot is 50% intuition (psychic ability if you prefer)- that way you can understand the bigger picture, even though you can’t quite put into words how you know it. Tarot is also 50% wisdom, knowledge & practice. All the intuition in the word is useless if you can’t express it, or use it to answer the questions that need answers. You must be able to translate that intuition. Recently I decided I wanted a logo, a symbol, to represent me as a shaman & a tarot reader. Something to reflect the person I have become. After some research it became clear that the process is much cheaper if I have an idea of my design. So I spent some time drawing ideas, collecting runes &

Why I do not love The Tarot Marseilles or Thoth

Many moons ago I studied A-level English literature, among the texts I studied were Chaucer, Waiting for Godot & Macbeth. Recently I was asked to write about why my thoughts on the Rider-Waite deck compared to Marseilles & Thoth- and here are my thoughts. The Marseilles tarot reminds me of Chaucer. Beautiful, clever, wonderful- it just doesn’t translate well into my experience. It feels out of step with my experiences, one step removed if you like. If I am researching a Tarot card I ALWAYS compare it to the Marseille Tarot to help me understand the card, and this has been hugely helpful to me. Looking at the similarities & differences between a Rider-Waite card and Marseille card is a great

"Death" card on our holiday...

Last week my family (that’s husband, daughter aged 14 & three sons- 9, 11 & 12) went on our first “proper” holiday. We found loving holiday homes for our 7 pets, packed up our camping gear and headed off. I was excited- I love holidays, but each time I read for this holiday the reading was dominated by 1 card- Death. I was not best thrilled. The couple of weeks before the holiday were manic. I may be a workaholic, but it felt as if every client I have ever read for wanted an appointment in the week before I went away. I missed meals, ate as I was dropping or picking up the children, and my husband suggested booking an appointment just so we could check the best route to Wales. I’m not compl

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