Why I do not love The Tarot Marseilles or Thoth

Many moons ago I studied A-level English literature, among the texts I studied were Chaucer, Waiting for Godot & Macbeth.

Recently I was asked to write about why my thoughts on the Rider-Waite deck compared to Marseilles & Thoth- and here are my thoughts.

The Marseilles tarot reminds me of Chaucer. Beautiful, clever, wonderful- it just doesn’t translate well into my experience. It feels out of step with my experiences, one step removed if you like.

If I am researching a Tarot card I ALWAYS compare it to the Marseille Tarot to help me understand the card, and this has been hugely helpful to me. Looking at the similarities & differences between a Rider-Waite card and Marseille card is a great learning

experience and has added new insights for me to many cards (especially The Lovers).