Tarot, tears and difficult days.

Life has been tough recently. The everyday stresses of insecure housing, home educating four children, and both of us working long hours just mounted and spiralled out of control. My husband and I lost sight of the fact that we are stronger together. In times like this I have three main helpers; #1 Good friends I can message and say "Life is a little crap right now" #2 Old books I love, that I can sink into as if stepping into another world (try not to judge but "Twilight" is perfect for this) #3 And my Tarot pack. I love my Tarot in times like this. Instead of getting caught up in the maze of fear which my own mind can create the tarot offers an honest, unbiased opinion. I tend to use it co

Life is a blend of inner & outer work.

A Tarot spread is a simple reflection of an utterly complex and diverse world. It can reflect what has been, what could be, what might be, what is. It can reflect the inner world of hopes, dreams, anxieties, blocks and pure potential. It can reflect the outer world- those around you, your actions, connections, daily habits. And it can be hard to work out what the hell is going on! Over time I have come to get a feel for what part of a Tarot spread is reflecting the inner journey, and what part of a tarot spread is reflecting the outer journey- and this can be a fascinating tool for reflection and empowerment. I have seen focused clients, having done a ton of self-work but fed up that their l

Is the word "shaman" cultural appropriation?

Yes is the answer- and I still use the word. Let me explain why I refer to myself as a “shaman” I have seen a lot of posts recently suggesting that using the word “shaman” is cultural appropriation. I want to explain why I choose to use the word. Basically it is the word most understood by the people I communicate with. That’s it. It is not my favoured word. It does not reflect my cultural roots, nor the heritage of my spiritual tradition. But if language is to communicate- then shaman is the word that is best understood. And that is why I use it. My preferred words? Volva This more accurately reflects my spiritual path and training. It is a Norse word which is usually translated to mean “s

The inspirational way our right brain solves our problems

Lets start with an everyday example-You’ve lost your keys. To start with your left brain (logical & rational) tries to find them- “where did I last have my keys?” So begins a re-tracing of steps, checking of pockets and window ledges. Maybe you find them- fantastic. But what if you don’t? The left brain processes, it works with the information it has available. If you can’t find the keys then fear may start to creep in, anger, frustration. You retrace your steps- but perhaps this time you are tipping bags out, emptying pockets in the vain hope that if you look even harder they will magically be there (yet fully aware you've already looked in all these places) Hopefully you have the intellig

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