A Soul Path Tarot spread

One of the fascinating parts of my job is my “Tarot & Tea” group. This is mostly people with a sound, often advanced, knowledge of Tarot looking to explore. There are beginners too- but it is an explorative group rather than a teaching space. Each month I create a new spread- and they get to play! They read for themselves, but with lots of talk and chatter- learning by seeing how the cards are creating different stories for each person there. Usually I create the spread based on something that has been asked for- and the last spread that was requested was “soul path”. I was a little taken back at first. What did I think a “soul path” was? Do we have one soul path, or many? That took a little

Lessons learnt from the Page of Pentacles

Whilst learning the traditional meanings for tarot, and understanding the imagery is essential- how you feel about cards is another very valuable tool. I have noticed over the years my feelings about certain cards have really changed. As a professional tarot reader acknowledging which are my emotional responses to a reading – being able to note them, them push them to one side, allows me to ensure I am a clear reader for my client. The last thing a client wants is for me to start ranting about my stuff, or getting my emotional responses mixed up with their reading. So I believe understanding how you “feel” about specific cards is an essential part of the journey. The card that sparked this b

Hello 9 of swords, my old friend

If there is one card sure to pop up and stalk me with regularity it is the delightful 9 of swords. Just when life seems to be going well- up it will pop- centre stage, the dark deep energy leaching into every reading. Often it is simply a relief to see the card. I have a habit (and I know from clients I am by far the only one) of dealing with stress and exhaustion- by ignoring it very carefully. I simply work a little harder, a little longer- in the hope the exhaustion or depression will magically dissolve. I know when the 9 of swords starts pooping up in the present position, advice, or as a central card that the dull feeling of sadness, pain or overwhelm is real. It is a wake up card indic

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