A Soul Path Tarot spread

One of the fascinating parts of my job is my “Tarot & Tea” group. This is mostly people with a sound, often advanced, knowledge of Tarot looking to explore. There are beginners too- but it is an explorative group rather than a teaching space.

Each month I create a new spread- and they get to play! They read for themselves, but with lots of talk and chatter- learning by seeing how the cards are creating different stories for each person there. Usually I create the spread based on something that has been asked for- and the last spread that was requested was “soul path”.

I was a little taken back at first. What did I think a “soul path” was? Do we have one soul path, or many? That took a little thinking about. As I considered my life, my experiences I decided we often have many various soul paths- some may be completed in a short time, others in many life-times. My spread may well pick up on a shorter soul path, or a longer one. Really tune into to see how the reading reflects your life.

The next decision was how to structure the spread. I decided to use the kabbalah as my inspiration. I must add I am no scholar of the Jewish Tree of Life- I have read a few books in the past and found it fascinating- but I claim no deep understanding. For me I liked the idea of a source, then the two pillars of Severity and Mercy, and then a manifestation. I felt that really fitted the soul path concept.

We are incarnated with a purpose ( or collection of purposes) life brings challenges “severity” and gifts & opportunities “mercy”. Often when we are in the middle of a “challenge” .

I always try the spread out on myself- usually I tweak it, try again, and have rather a nice time (full coffee pot at the ready). This time the first spread I did for myself was spookily accurate.

I have used a photo of my first reading with this spread as an illustration.