My journey to become a tarot teacher

A life-time ago I was a nursery school teacher. I saw myself as a “facilitator” creating an engaging environment for the children and supporting their learning. Life changed, I took break from teaching to focus on my Norse shaman path, got married, had four children….and then I needed to earn again. I thought of teaching- but honestly with four under tens in the home it was not an appealing idea any more. My mind was drawn to Tarot- it had become a big part of my life over the years, could I possibly set up a business in tarot? Next came a really stupid phase. I spent three months carefully deliberating whether to teach tarot or read tarot. Lists, conversations, research. I couldn’t make up

Thoughts on "regular" tarot clients

I love to read for the same question- both for myself, and clients (I can hear those clients who repeat the same question week in, week out heave a sense of relief)…. Why I don't mind clients repeating the same question, or indeed how I love how the question morphs and changes over the weeks and months. One of my roles as a tarot reader is to help a client better understand themselves. yes I am there for prediction, insight and inspiration, but also self reflection and self empowerment It has taken me years to work through some of the things that have happened to me, and there are plenty of things that I am still untangling and processing. Each time a client asks the same question the answer

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