Learn how to read Tarot with a professional

Step by step guidance and support

Learning to read Tarot is a life long journey- which can seem complicated. Let me share the journey with you- whether you are making your very first steps, looking to explore and have fun, or are ready to integrate Tarot into your professional work.


How can you work with me?

My aim is to create a flexible way of working with, there are no tie ins, no hidden costs. Explore all my resources and find the best way of working to suit you right now.

Covering the basics. I have online courses that will take you though all of the cards one by one, as well as a published book. I will help you to understand the meaning in each card by exploring the imagery and using real life, practical examples.

Exploring Tarot. Via Zoom and/or online courses- having fun using Tarot, and learning as we go. From relationship readings to numerology, shadow work to project managing - a practical fun way to explore how to use Tarot in your life.

Tarot mentor. Perhaps you prefer to work one to one, are looking for support to set up your Tarot business, or for professional guidance as you work with clients. Tailored to meet your needs- this can be a blend of teaching, business advice, and professional guidance.

Free resources. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find all my free resources indexed- covering every card, spreads, printable crib sheets...

Explore how you can work with me


I have a series of online courses that you can work through at your own pace- teaching you how to read the images in the cards with real life examples.

If you prefer written word to videos you can order my book direct from me, or via Amazon.

If you are looking to learn how to use Tarot, fancy trying out new spreads

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