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Thoughts on "regular" tarot clients

I love to read for the same question- both for myself, and clients (I can hear those clients who repeat the same question week in, week out heave a sense of relief)….

Why I don't mind clients repeating the same question, or indeed how I love how the question morphs and changes over the weeks and months.

One of my roles as a tarot reader is to help a client better understand themselves. yes I am there for prediction, insight and inspiration, but also self reflection and self empowerment

It has taken me years to work through some of the things that have happened to me, and there are plenty of things that I am still untangling and processing. Each time a client asks the same question the answer is subtly different, the light shines on another angle, something else comes to light. The human psyche is complicated, and to look, and look again at shadow stuff, relationships, deepest hopes or deepest fears is a deep journey of empowerment.

The question of "will he ever love me?" Sometimes lead to childhood, to past relationships, and always deep into the clients psyche.

I trust that when the question is understood the client will stop answering. Until then I am happy to read.

I trust my client to be navigating their journey, and that I am a guide for one reading, or a lifetime. Which ever suits them best.

I know there are other tarot readers who may have concerns about using tarot as a prop, or feeling that a client is forming a need to use tarot. Maybe if I come across this then I will re-adjust my opinion (because all I am sharing is my opinion).

So far I have found my clear boundaries have prevented any client becoming dependent on my readings. How I structure the reading- ensuring that the client remains focused on their path, their responsibilities, their choices has kept the balance of power firmly in the clients corner.

My boundaries also include not offering phone consultations unless pre-booked (that could really be a drain on my time) and not answering email messages or texts until convenient to me. The client/reader boundary is mine to keep- gently, honestly, kindly.

And if a client is going through a really tough time and finds my readings to be a comfort, a support- who am I to judge whether they are "too" needy?

Perhaps this isn't suited to every tarot reader, and glad I am of our diversity.

I am surprised- I did think at first I would have limits set in place for how often a client could see me, but it has always self regulated in a natural sort of a way.

What surprises me more is how many of my clients have become great friends. In fact almost all of my good friends started out as clients, a gentle suggestion of coffee leading to a theatre trip, shared workshop, margarita...

And it has worked the other way too- people who nearly became friends, but life got in the way (as it does) have come back to me as clients, a friendship rediscovered.

A rambling blog in a busy January- mostly saying how much I love my many, varied and wonderful clients.

And how through you I have learnt to trust this work even more.

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