Tower, Terror & Shadow work

The Tower- a fascinating card. Some people love it, and get really excited. Others just stare in horror "I knew that card would be there" Lets look at some of the images to unpick these mixed messages. The people falling This remains the strongest image for me. Have you had that "stomach sinking" moment? I remember on a family walk, my youngest son had ran ahead, we'd said to wait at the next style. When we got there he was no where to be seen. We shouted, nothing. The other kids raced back to see if he'd gone a different way. He was wearing a distinctive red checked shirt. My other son said they saw a man at the top of the hill carrying something red and checked. My husband raced off, and I

Finding novel inspiration through the tarot

A few years ago, I was writing a novel that wasn’t working. I had a main character that I loved, but the story wasn’t high concept enough to get the attention of an agent or a publisher. I needed a big idea – and luckily inspiration came to me through the tarot. It was on a tarot course, run by Maddy Elruna in East Sussex, that I discovered the myths and magic of Norse legend. Odin in the tarot I’ve always had an interest in tarot, and love the symbolism depicted in the cards. Much the same way that mythic stories explore archetypal roles and themes central to the human experience, tarot speaks of the 'big things' - birth, death, love, betrayal, and yet it can also be incredibly nuanced than

The value of a professional tarot reading

I am a professional tarot reader, and I regularly have professional tarot readings to help me keep on track- I’ve written this blog to explain why I consider this so valuable to me. Before I do I’d like to explain what I mean by a “professional” reading. It really is very simple- I mean a reading I purchase. Where there is a fair and perceived equal exchange – usually using money. Does the exchange of money mean a professional reader is any better than from a reader who chooses not to charge money? Absolutely not. The exchange of money is no guarantee of quality. But by advertising as a professional reader I do gain two very important things; #1 The opportunity to book a reading- to know t

The power of chanting

One of the most beautiful parts of my shamanic practise is the group chant. I believe breath is our greatest tool to connect with source. It stills the mind and allows us to slip into that gentle state of awareness and receiving. And chanting is such a great way to control the breath! You hear every breath and have the beauty of the sound resonating through your body as well. Filling your mind, your heart, each breath becomes more than a breath. When we chant as a group each breath connects us to each other. Each an individual, yet also part of the greater whole. I was told by a Druid (I can’t hope to speak for Druids as a whole) that when anyone sings a song, tells a tale, or chants a cha

When Tarot goes wrong

Well basically tarot is always 100% on point and accurate, and never goes wrong. You however may well not always get it quite right. I would go so far as to say that you probably will make mistakes in how you interpret, communicate or translate the reading. We are all human in the end! So lets take a look at some of the things that can go wrong with tarot. #1 You are not focused (or the person you are reading for is not). This can often happen when you are reading for yourself & just throwing a few cards down. You were planning to read for where to go on holiday, but your mind was actually else where. This happened to me when I started doing email tarot readings, I had a photo of a family m

The power of gazing

When I run shaman circles and workshops there is one technique that splits a group instantly. A true "marmite" technique that people either love or hate- gazing. It is a simple thing. Gaze at another person's eyes. let your focus and soften and become fully aware of the other person. The first part of the exercise is to actually allow yourself to be seen. Eyes open, no words, allowing someone else to look at you. The second part of the exercise is trusting that you will be able to connect with more than the physical when you gaze at the other person. I use the word connect because it is easy to presume that you will "see" changes. many do, but there are so many ways you can receive informati

Terrible tarot readings

I know we all say that there are no “bad” cards. But lets be honest, there are certain tarot card combinations that are just down right terrible. How about this one I did for myself this week. I am only human, I gave a shudder. I looked at the card at the bottom of the pack for some reassurance- and got everyone’s favourite the Tower. The good news-well at least the 5 of pentacles isn’t there! So what to do when you do a reading is simply downright terrible? #1 Breath. Look at the reading, consider the cards, face the horror. Write your question down and take the time to really look at the reading. Look for key symbols or meanings that are repeated across the spread- the key message the c

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