The power of chanting

One of the most beautiful parts of my shamanic practise is the group chant.

I believe breath is our greatest tool to connect with source. It stills the mind and allows us to slip into that gentle state of awareness and receiving.

And chanting is such a great way to control the breath! You hear every breath and have the beauty of the sound resonating through your body as well. Filling your mind, your heart, each breath becomes more than a breath.

When we chant as a group each breath connects us to each other. Each an individual, yet also part of the greater whole.

I was told by a Druid (I can’t hope to speak for Druids as a whole) that when anyone sings a song, tells a tale, or chants a chant- then everyone who has every shared that song, or tale, or chant, is standing behind them. A link back to the original source.

Now that is what I love most about my chant. It was taught to me up in Orkney by my teacher. Together we went to places I could only dream of. I met Norse Gods, and svart alfa, and the great goddess Hel herself. I soared to the top of the tree, and plummeted to the very depths of the roots. Every time I chant each of those experiences is with me, and my teacher is once more at my side.

My teacher was taught the chant by his teacher, and his teachers’ family have been using this chant for generations upon generations. Imagine the power of a chant that so many have shared as a tool to allow them to connect. And each time I chant I feel the beautiful weight of the ancestors standing behind me.

And what is this chant? Is it long and complicated, whispered as a secret only for initiates?