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A "Tarot check in"

Each of us create slightly different Tarot businesses, offering a slightly different service based on how we read, and how we communicate. I have a lot of regular clients who work with me- often over many years. A classic comment is “There’s nothing really wrong, I’m here for a check in”.

I believe that when I read Tarot I am connecting to my client’s higher guidance- so I am not offering them “my” advice but telling them what they should already know- on some level or another. In fact, a common criticism my new clients is “I kind of new that already” and I have to point out- I don’t know them, or their life so how do I?

Because of my focus on regular clients, and my ability to read for third parties especially well, I do worry at times about client dependency. For my regulars I try to move into a more coaching mode- focusing more on them than third parties, and even when they don’t ask for it (and sometimes it can annoy clients) making sure I am doing spreads that include:

· What do you most need to know.

· How are you doing right now.

· What could you do that would most help.

Rather than just re-reading for the same questions on a weekly basis.

It’s a delicate balance- in many people’s life I am a safe space. And they get a lot of release and validation from discussing the same issues, and being heard when perhaps circumstances are such that they don’t feel able to talk to anyone else. So, I try and structure my time to ensure there is time for my client to feel heard and validated, but also time for me to structure the reading to be of most help rather than just feed their narrative. I want to empower my client- rather than create a dependency.

Then yesterday we were back from a short camping break and one of my regulars was keen to keep her Monday slot. I reluctantly moved it form the morning to the afternoon- to give me time to shower and unpack the car- I had planned to take the day off, but when I tuned in keeping this appointment felt right.

At the end of the session, she told me that my readings had helped her to realise that her intuition was usually right- its just that she over thought things. That the weekly readings were helping her to trust her intuition more- and that she was listening to her intuition more between her sessions and making better decisions as a result.

I know the regular client model doesn’t suit everyone, but this was such a validation for me (we’re all human!). It really expressed what I was hoping was happening- that my readings were empowering her trust in her own intuition, rather than creating a dependency on me.

I believe we all have the sixth sense of intuition, or just knowing. But so many of us (me included) over think and start to ignore that wiser part of ourselves.


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