Tarot & Ancestors

We are all bought up with silent stories surrounding us. Handed down from generation to generation, quiet expectations that are whispered to us “this is the way the world works” Sex is bad Good girls stay quiet Work hard, the world is unfair Money is evil Our family is unlucky Money is safer than love Keep safe, never take a risk Men always let you down There are a million variations. No doubt at one time they helped your grandmother, or great great great grandfather through a terrible time. Now that pearl of wisdom is held as a life survival guide, a secret code that the whole family knows deep down, but never quite acknowledges. Many of these “secret codes” will be inspiring, helpful and u

Tarot & mental health

I'm sure many of us would agree that reading for people with mild through to severe or clinical mental health issues is a difficult path to tread. The reason I want to talk about this is - often there is no indication that someone is suffering form mental health issues. There is no point at all in wrapping this up neatly with "I don't read for people suffering from psychotic episodes, self harm or in an abusive relationship" because they may not tell you. You might say as a tarot reader- wouldn't I know anyway. And the answer is "often, yes" but #1 Not until I start the reading. #2 I have read for many people suffering form severe mental health issues who are very good at masking it. Not for

Shaman- what does it actually mean?

I often have great difficulty putting my shaman experience and ideas into words. I have been unbelievable blessed to have worked with some inspiring & gifted teachers, and most of my understanding has come from experience. In fact, I haven't actually read many shaman books. Recently I have been pondering what "shaman" means to me. #1 I believe the non-physical world is as important as the physical. My experience has shown me there is so much more than what we can physically see. I have heard things, seen things, experienced lifetimes & relationships in the non-physical world that have are as real & important as the physical reality. #2 I believe that working with the non-physical reality can

Why I love the message of the Hanged Man

I have many favourite cards, but the one that gives me chills every time is the hanged man. There are so many layers upon layers of wisdom in that one card, when it crops up in a reading I always pause. #1 Look at life from a different perspective. New students are often confused by the card, turning it around so he seems "the right way up". At it's simplest the Hanged man is asking you to look at your situation from a different perspective. In the position the hanged man is his heart is above his head. When we have a problem it is really easy to over think it, trying to find a logical solution. the hanged man is asking you to stop thinking & "feel" with your intuition, or right brain. Fun

Can the Tarot accurately predict the future?

Well- yes, & no! My experience is very clear, the tarot can predict accurately the future you are creating right now- and give you a chance to change that future if you wish. Doom & Gloom predictions? The worst predictive reading I ever did was for myself. About 10 years ago the tarot predicted my marriage was OVER. Death, the tower, 3 of swords. it was utterly clear what the cards were saying. I decided (with3 children under 5) that my marriage was worth a second shot. I read the cards for advice, and made significant changes to my actions, thoughts & words. I am still married, and we even had another child. The Tarot correctly predicted that without significant change my marriage was over

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