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Questions I think every Tarot reader needs to ponder

Where does the information come from?

I’m not saying I have THE definitive answer for this- there are plenty of different ways to explain how a Tarot reader can “know” things;

· Psychic ability

· Using the cards as a psychological tool to better understand a situation

· Spirit guides

· Collective unconscious

· Higher guidance/accessing a wise part of ourselves

· A God, deity or the universe

· Knowing field- that strange energy between us.

· Akashic records

And no doubt I’ve missed some options!

Over the years I have changed- I used to be psychological, talking with my clients about the images. In time I moved more into psychic reading, and now I feel the information comes from my spirit guides- as they play such a big part in my shamanic work.

There is no right or wrong to this question- but I do believe a Tarot reader should consider it.

Is the future fixed ?

My experience over the years is that the future is not fixed. Rather our minds usually are- which can make it seem as if the future is fixed.

Often the most helpful part of a Tarot reading is helping a client to realise there are more possibilities for the future than they initially thought.

Whether you believe the future is fixed, fluid, or somewhere in between is really down to your world view, and your experience. But I feel it is a question we all need to ask ourselves to fully understand the impact of a Tarot reading on the future.

Can the Tarot be wrong?

I loved science as a teenager- in fact my degree was in science and education. People love to discuss on social media about “scientific fact” but the truth is science is NOT about facts- it is about theories, experiments, statistics, and data. It is about always questioning, and very often what seems like a fact one day is changed by new evidence and new understanding. (Even evolution is not a fact- it remains the best fitting theory, unless evidence changes that).

I think Tarot is very much the same. It tells us what is right to know at that moment. It’s not about right or wrong- it just isn’t that simple.

As readers (no matter how experienced) we can get it wrong. It is only human to make errors- and knowing that about ourselves is really important. I would rather have imposter syndrome than a God complex.

Can the Tarot be dangerous?

Perhaps I’m different to many. I see the Tarot as bits of card that allow me to connect and understand. I do not think the cards themselves can cause harm, attract negative vibes, or the like.

The reader can cause damage though. By not considering the impact of their reading, by creating fear in themselves, or their client.

Can you over use Tarot?

I’m possibly going against what many would say again- and say “no”.

I read for myself most days, and find it a very helpful reflective tool. Tarot is not so helpful if you are always asking the same question because you hope the answer will be different (“but does he love me?”).

If you are using Tarot to navigate a situation, to understand yourself, as a journaling or creative tool- then I think it can be used daily.

My favourite questions are “How am I doing?” (and boy can the Tarot be harsh- that delightful combination of Devil & 9 of swords is a regular for me) and “what do I need to know?”

(Image shows DruidCraft Tarot)


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