Is Tarot exhausting?

After an hours tarot reading often Tarot clients ask if "don't you find the it exhausting?" so I thought I’d share some thoughts. I often think of tarot readings (and shaman healings) as finding the silver thread with my client- that is their best way forward. Most clients are in a fairly good space, aware of life, and just need some gentle guidance-and then I find readings enjoyable- offering an honest reflection is all that is needed. The client hears my interpretations and finds their silver thread themselves. Sometimes my role is very different. The client, for whatever reason, finds it hard to engage with the reading. Maybe they are very upset, or locked in a negative spiral where ever

How tarot changes the world.

I read for a wide variety of clients. They may be upset, angry, devastated, worried, confused, scared….I am never quite sure what my client will be feeling. Often a client will point the finger of blame very clearly on another person. Their boss, wife, daughter (just fill in the name) is making my life impossible because…… Usually on a personal level I completely agree with my client that this named “other” is a real pain. I do a relationship reading to see the dynamics at play- and it can be quite a toxic entanglement. Where tarot is so useful though is bringing the focus right back to the client. In the end (unless we wish to take risks with magic) we are not able to control anything but

Question, or no Question?

I think I’ve had most kind of clients now. From the long list of numbered questions, to “love”. From a detailed lengthy paragraph that is reflective & emotional – to asking for precise details of cost to the pound and timing to exact date. Clients who hardly stop talking, to clients who sit with their arms folding not nodding or speaking a single word. To the lean back in the chair “I used to read Tarot you know- if you’re any good you’ll know my question & my answer” client (I’ll come back to him at the end) I’ve read a lot of debate about whether a client “should” ask a question or not, and here’s my thoughts. Sometimes the question dominating a client’s mind is not what they want me to re

Confessions of a Tarot Snob

At the weekend I had the luxury of a few hours in town & a mind-body-spirit fair on. I decided to treat myself to a Tarot reading, or two…. As I looked around the stalls I was amazed at the sheer diversity- psychic, runes, heart centred, occult- it was lovely just looking at the different angles the readers presented themselves from. I decided to choose three readers- #1 I thought was much like myself “old school” dressed fairly normally, reading the Celtic cross with Rider-Waite Tarot (my preferred deck) But I didn’t feel drawn to her as a person. Nice & simple-don't judge me- some one who just read Tarot, and proper deck at that. #2 Had many things that I normally shy away from- includi

Most popular blogs of the last year!

I was delighted to be in this list, for the second year running, by I decided to have a look through the last year & see which of my blogs were the most popular- in case you missed them here they are. If you fancy reading them just clink on the link. With many thanks to everyone who has read & shared my blogs xxx #1 When death means death, and we need to tell the client #2 When the client says "That is wrong- you are just not right" #3 2 & 3 of wands- what is the difference? #4 My top 5 tips for starting to read the Tarot #5 Meet Philip Carr-Gomm, creator of the DruidCraft Tarot

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