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Sometimes you need a little more

Do you have an important transition in your life?

A difficult ending? An exciting start? Or perhaps an important project?

Maybe you simply want to invest in you right now.

This package offers wrap around support- both structured and pre-booked, but also in those odd moments when you most need it.

Helping hand to a friend


Don't think of me as a Tarot reader, or a Shaman.

Think of me as that safe, intuitive guide who will be there for you.

We can blend Tarot, shamanism, runes, or focus just on active listening and practical planning. I will blend my skills to best meet your needs.

Relax- I'm good at this.

The package includes

  • Six 1-2-1 sessions, roughly two weeks apart- structured around your needs. Each lasting around 90 minutes- in person, via Zoom, or phone.

  • Don't worry if you are overseas, or very busy- this package will include flexible times for booking.

  • Emailed notes after each session bullet pointing whatever came up.

  • A recorded meditation created just for you.

  • Quick check ins (via phone, what's app or email) so that I am there as you need that extra guidance.

The cost for the three months support is £1575

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