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Gradient Skies

Inspired guidance- my subscription package.

It's really simple...

  • This guarantees you my very best prices. 

  • Opens up my reserved times to allow even more flexible booking.

  • Allows me to guide and support you, however you most need it at that point.

Life is always easier with a little support along the way....

I want you to think of this as your time, set aside for whatever you most need.

  • A general Tarot reading

  • Decision making support

  • Soul purpose session

  • Relaxing Shaman healing

  • Intuitive guidance

I will be on hand to listen to your needs, and guide as best suits you.

The savings are simple:

Pre-pay for six sessions and save 5%.

Pre-pay for 12 sessions and receive one session totally for free. (you are paying for 11, receiving 12).

Pay monthly for one session and save 2.5% -cancel at any time, or keep going as long as it suits you with no price increase- even if I increase my prices.

Booking is easy:

  • I can reserve a favoured time for you.

  • Need flexibility- you can book in direct through my booking calendar.

  • You will also have access to all of my appointments, including times I don't usually offer.

6 Sessions, Each 50 minutes



Valid for 12 months

5% saving on full price.

We can connect in person, via Zoom or phone.

Booked at a mutually convenient time.

Keep your life on track with Maddy Elruna

Best Value

12 Sessions, Each 50 minutes



Valid for 12 months

One session included for free! Pay for 11, receive 12.

We can connect via Zoom, phone, or in person.

Booked at a mutually convenient time.

Keep your life on track with Maddy Elruna.

Intuitive guidance- subscription



Every month

Monthly sessions, each 50 minutes.

Valid until canceled

A saving of 2.5%, and prices held whilst you're subscribed.

One 50 minute session each month (until cancelled).

We can connect in person, via Zoom or by phone.

Booked at a mutually convenient time.

Keep your life on track with Maddy Elruna.

Once you've booked you'll receive a link to book your monthly 50 minute session which can be  via Zoom, in person, or email.

And allow yourself to see what a difference monthly support can bring.

Please note I can only accept a certain number of subscriptions- so if the payment button isn't visible it means I am at capacity.

"Maddy’s advice has been invaluable every time. It’s to the point, honest, sometimes surprising, and usually a very reassuring confirmation of what my own intuition tells me. In times of confusion and doubts it has been wonderful to have her guidance to gain clarity."

"I was blown away by Maddy's guidance and expertise during my session. I felt Maddy had known me forever and by the end knew me more than I knew myself. It was a truly eye opening experience and has really helped me turn a page and look at things from a different perspective. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is going through something they would like clarity on and some steps to go forward, whatever that may be :)"

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