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I'd love to share your Tarot journey...

My Tarot Topics has been running for about 8 years now- a monthly exploration of Tarot, designed as a fun space for anyone interested in Tarot. Each session is only £11, held via Zoom, then uploaded as a private You Tube video you can watch at your leisure. One hour of me, having Tarot fun!

Tarot In-depth is an 11 month Correspondence course, with a blended package each month of PDF's, audio and videos. It is carefully crafted to guide you on your Tarot journey- and you can include personal mentoring with me as well.

Personal mentoring is also available if you'd rather work with me on a one-to-one basis. I will listen to your needs and support your personal Tarot journey.


Learn Tarot with me...

I love teaching Tarot, and have been teaching for over ten years now. Supporting everyone from complete beginners to other Tarot professionals.

I focus on teaching practical tools to help you develop your relationship with the cards. This isn't about memorising- its about experiencing Tarot.

I'd love to support your Tarot journey- have a browse to see how I can help you.  Maddy xx


My published books

My book "Tarot, a life guided by the cards" is a "how to read Tarot book- woven around case studies and my life story.

Its a great introduction to working with me.


Monthly on Zoom

Each month I host an hour long workshop via Zoom. (Recorded in case you hate Zoom)

A different Tarot topic each month!


Correspondence course

An eleven month correspondence course, PDF's, videos, and audio.

A carefully curated course based on practical Tarot reading skills.


Personal Mentor

Looking for a bespoke package to match your personal needs?

Then book a mentor package, and we'll work on the topics, and at the speed, that best suits you.

"I dabbled with Tarot on and off for about 40 years. I knew they were ‘speaking to me ‘ but I didn’t quite understand what the message was clearly, I tried some tutorials but they confused me and I found them overwhelming then I came across Maddy and just knew she was the mentor I had been looking for. Her approach and teaching methods are wonderfully detailed and practical. Oh the joy when the stories laid in front of me became clear!

I have since gone from strength to strength developing my reading skills and having the confidence to grow my business. I still look forward to our zoom sessions and constantly learning about the wonder of the Tarot.

Maddy's knowledge is so vast- and always open to other interpretations that maybe suggested during zoom sessions. She inspires me to want to learn more."  Juliette

"Love the tarot zoom workshops/sessions, they support everyone from beginner to pro, looking at things from a different angle and prompting you to re look at something you thought you knew, I have learnt so much and continue to learn with every session. An amazing teacher who blends tarot, shaman and real life experience."  Jennie

"When I started really wanting to learn Tarot as a means to help others a few years ago, I was lucky enough to come across Maddy on Facebook and I tried a bit of her content for learning Tarot. That was one of the best things I ever did. She is a wonderful teacher and her style of reading and teaching fit so well with me. She is very practical, down to earth and a gifted reader."  Rebecca

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