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What could we weave into our sessions?

​This is a bespoke package- just for you.

  • Are you overwhelmed right now and looking to pick yourself up in busy times? Better manage your stress levels, reach a calm and focused state so you can make sound decisions quickly?

  • Are you keen to learn how to use Tarot, Runes, or Shamanic healing in your life- but need a flexible, personal service?

  • Are you setting up a business, or managing a project and want intuitive guidance on hand?

  • Are you looking to explore your soul purpose?

  • We can dive deep into shadow work and the inner landscape, explore family and work dynamics, or focus on a specific project.

  • Or perhaps you are just looking for a personal intuitive guide along the way- because life is so much easier with a little extra help.

I have various packages available;

  • From monthly payments to bundle purchases.

  • From my best discounts to exclusive personal access to me between sessions.

 I invite you to have a browse to see I can best help you....

Blue Sky

Mentorship with Maddy

Are you looking to:

  • Clear your mind and manage stress?

  • Make quick decisions in a fast paced life?

  • Learn to trust your own inner wisdom?

  • Develop your intuitive connection?

  • Create a positive and focused mindset?

  • Embrace more joy and creativity in your life?

Imagine what you could achieve with a trusted mentor at your side...

Mentorship- extra 6 months



Weekly sessions & personal access to me.

Valid for 6 months

24 weekly 50 minute sessions.

Bespoke timings to suit you.

Personal access via WhatsApp between sessions.

This is me, on hand, for when you really need extra support.

Extra sessions bookable as needed, invoiced monthly.

Twelve sessions.



Each 50 minutes.

Valid for 3 months

5% discount compared to booking individually.

We can connect in person, via Zoom or by phone.

Booked at a mutually convenient time.

Keep your life on track with Maddy Elruna.

Fortnightly sessions with me



Every month

For when you know life is easier with intuitive guidance.

Valid until canceled

Alternating 50 minute & 70 minute slots

monthly subscription- saving 5%

We can connect via Zoom, phone, or in person.

Receive links to book your sessions as needed.

Access to times that aren't available to the public.

Keep your life on track with Maddy Elruna.

Intuitive guidance- subscription



Every month

Monthly sessions, each 50 minutes.

Valid until canceled

A saving of 2.5%, and prices held whilst you're subscribed.

One 50 minute session each month (until cancelled).

We can connect in person, via Zoom or by phone.

Booked at a mutually convenient time.

Keep your life on track with Maddy Elruna.

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