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I know the runes can seem confusing- but what if I could bring the runes to life for you?

  • How you can work with me.

  • My rune book, rune sets, and cards.

  • Detailed information on each rune.

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Each month I dive deep into a rune- its associations, healing properties, mythology....

You'll receive a PDF, recorded shamanic journey, and there's a Zoom community call to share experiences.

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Meeting at the barns (East Sussex, TN22 5UG)

We gather to share community, chant, journey, and explore integrating runic wisdom into our life.

Wednesday evenings (twice a month) and some Sundays.

f  Frey

u  Vidar

j  Thor

o  Odin

r  Hel

k  Loki


h  Heimdall

n   Norns




t   Tyr



l   Njord


"I have been engaged in Maddy's rune-lore course for over a year now. Delving into the nuances, characteristics, archetypes and deities attached to each rune has been intensely interesting.


The more I learn the more I realise there is to learn and the way in which Maddy teaches makes that feel like a very exciting prospect. Her personal knowledge and experience of the runes is nothing more than incredible. .I thought I was fairly well versed in rune knowledge however, Maddy's rune-lore course has literally changed the way I see and experience the runes." 

Mel Maelo, West Sussex

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