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I know the runes can seem confusing- but what if I could bring the runes to life for you?

Not just a list of associations, not overly focused on wordy historical discussions- but practical ways you can bring the runes into your life?

Did you know each rune has;

  • An associated deity- which allows you to connect with their character, their story?

  • A sound- so you can feel the energy of the rune.

A rune is not just a mark, it is a symbol which can allow you to experience a whole wealth of understanding...


Here are the 16 runes of the Younger Futhark, each with their associated deity. Just click on the name to unlock key meanings, personal reflections, magic uses, and a whole lot more...


I've also got loads of content on my website..


So grab a coffee, and have a browse;  Blogs,   videos, you can book a rune reading with me, or find out more about my 2024 course- "The magical use of runes".

f  Frey

u  Vidar

j  Thor

o  Odin

r  Hel

k  Loki


h  Heimdall

n   Norns




t   Tyr



l   Njord


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