Is Tarot exhausting?

After an hours tarot reading often Tarot clients ask if "don't you find the it exhausting?" so I thought I’d share some thoughts.

I often think of tarot readings (and shaman healings) as finding the silver thread with my client- that is their best way forward.

Most clients are in a fairly good space, aware of life, and just need some gentle guidance-and then I find readings enjoyable- offering an honest reflection is all that is needed. The client hears my interpretations and finds their silver thread themselves.

Sometimes my role is very different. The client, for whatever reason, finds it hard to engage with the reading. Maybe they are very upset, or locked in a negative spiral where every possible way forward looks impossible to them. This can be more hard work as in essence there is more effort needed in gently re-affirming the message from the cards to my client. It takes more effort to hold the space, but still it is not exhausting, and it is extremely rewarding work.

I do find it hard when a client is in a difficult situation, with no clear easy answer. Part of the way I read is to emotionally connect with my client, so I can feel the surge of emotions. It is terribly hard when life is such that there are only difficulties ahead. Luckily this is very rare, but I do find these readings exhausting. I remind myself I have tasted but an hour of their life, which can really help me to get the perspective back.

So what is exhausting?

Those crazy days when I have several clients in desperate need, so I book in more than I normally would choose to. That is exhausting, but then I try to compensate by taking it easy the next day. I have noticed 1-2-1 “difficult” readings tend to bunch up for whatever reasons- and that can be exhausting.