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How to read Tarot for yourself (and why I think it is so important)

It can be easier to read for others than ourselves.

I it is too easy to look at the cards and see what we expect to see, rather than actually read the cards to gain new insight. When we read for someone else we will have less expectations, and the flow can feel much easier.

I do think it is important to read Tarot for ourselves (though I also book in with other professionals- I value their insight as well) for various reasons.

· It’s a great way to learn (and continue learning!). I know myself better than anyone- so I see new things in the cards which keeps me diving ever deeper into the cards.

· I believe one of the main points of any esoteric practice is to know yourself. With out knowing yourself you can’t really understand anything or anyone else.

· And it helps clear your psyche to allow what some practitioners refer to as the “hollow bone” where your thoughts and emotions are cleared for the moment- to allow yourself to focus clearly on your querents. So I read daily for myself to ensure I’m not seeing messages for me in the cards when I read for another.

Here are my best tips when reading for yourself:

· Use a journal- write your question down, and jot down your initial thoughts as you read. The longer you think about a reading- the more likely you are to dilute the reading with your expectations, so writing down what comes to your first (that initial flash) can really help.

· Turn over one card at a time. It’s easy to overlook cards- to jump to the card you wanted to see or dreaded to see. So take your time and read each card as you turn it over.

· Look at each card. Its so easy to have key expectations for each card, and to overlook nuances and new concepts because you aren’t “reading” the cards- you are affirming what you expected to see. So take your time. Push your expectations to one side- and try and look at each card with fresh eyes.

It can really help to create a small ritual around Tarot reading for yourself- to create a routine of selfcare. You might want to go for a walk first, take a shower, or do some yoga poses. Light a candle, make a cup of tea in a favourite mug, put on some relaxing music. Have a lovely journal you use just for your Tarot readings- create a ritual you look forward to, that relaxes you, and eases the connection.

If you are reading for yourself regularly (and I read for myself most days) then it helps to move away from prediction and into self-reflection. If I am working on a plan, or thinking on business ideas I will usually pull three cards to reflect past, present, future- just to see if the cards feel that my ideas are moving in the right direction.

For more reflective spreads I might pull three cards and ask:

· How am I doing right now?

· What do I need to know?

· How should I best spend today?

· What is holding me back?

If you are struggling with mental health or anxiety, then reading the cards as practical advice- rather than prediction- really helps. I have a free crib sheet that lists practical advice for every card which you can find here.

I experience my cards as a good friend- and I regularly chat with them, check in with them, and honestly get bloody annoyed with them. They tell me what I need to know-with honesty- and that can be frustrating, but it is always helpful.

Last night (before teaching my Court cards module) I did three readings for myself using just the 16 Court cards. Each time I asked “how do I best use tomorrow” Each time the knight of Pentacles (slow down, plan, pay attention to details) was drawn. Damn- I hate that card. But I have a list, it is 8.38 am, and I am working through it. (probably should plan for breaks though- and move out of knight of Swords..)

(Card shown from DruidCraft)


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