Some reflections on the moon card.

When I really deepened my tarot journey it was with a Rider-Waite deck, my trusty copy of 78 degrees of Wisdom and plenty of time. I was pregnant, living off grid and on a remote Scottish island. Much of what I learnt about tarot was by gazing at a tarot card – and finding the story within the images, then cross referencing this with 78 degrees. As a professional tarot reader I learn a little more with every reading I do. As I see unique card combinations for new questions and different clients- my understanding expands a little each time. That I why I love Tarot- easy to learn, lifetimes to master. Here are some of my understandings on the Moon card. From gazing, and reading for clients...

Facing the void with Tarot. Who am I?

At the beginning of May I had the joy of attending my annual shaman healer’s retreat. This is run by my two shaman teachers and is for any of their graduate students who wish to attend. I look forward to this weekend so much- my life is a whirl wind of responsibilities and obligations, and this is my chance to really be focused on myself and share time with people I love. As the weekend started I started to feel quite unsettled, disjointed, empty- yet peaceful. I found myself in tears on many occasions, yet the tears flowed and felt healing. I felt utterly at a loss as to work out why I felt so very strange. As I thought about my life I realised I was completely defined by my various roles.

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