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My five favourite ways to use Tarot for myself

#1 When my mind is totally blocked.

I often say to clients “the future isn’t fixed, but often our minds are”. I’m sure we all get to that point- where we have a problem, and we can only see one way to resolve it, but we know that won’t work- yet we just can’t find any other solution.

The left brain is very good at working through evidence and information, but we need the right brain to be creative and original.

I use Tarot when my mind is stuck on only way of solving something, and I know it’s not the best way. I usually mind map, asking the Tarot to suggest ideas, and then journal to help me look for more original ways to solve my dilemma. Working with the imagery of Tarot can really connect with that creative, original right brain and help you to see solutions and possibilities that were always there- you just weren't seeing them!

If you are less keen with the psychic/prediction side of Tarot- But want to use Tarot to help in daily life- this is a great way to start.

#2 Mental health check in.

I use this a lot! To check in – am I overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted. It’s easy to think we are fine- and then get used to a state of high anxiety or burn out, and not realise just deeply exhausted we are. It’s too easy for burnout to feel normal.

I might do a 3-card spread and ask, “How am I doing today?”, or I might do my 6 card “reflection” spread to get a sense of how I’m coping, how my unconscious is, with a sense of the future energies as well.

If I suspect I’m not seeing my self clearly, and am at risk of burnout/overwhelm then I might do a three-card spread asking “What do I need to focus on today?” Letting me know if resting is more useful, planning, timeout- or sometimes just getting on with it! (I have a free downloadable spreadsheet on my website- with practical advice for each card.)

#3 Intuition support.

We all have intuition, or gut instinct if you prefer. And we all over think it at times!

Ever “known” you really should, or shouldn’t do something- but shaken it off with a “don’t be silly” only to realise later how RIGHT you were with that intuitive flash of wisdom?

A good Tarot reading (by a pro, or yourself) should tell you what you already kind of know. It should amplify that intuitive wisdom. And the more you use Tarot to check your intuitive flashes (especially if you keep a journal to look back on and reflect) the more you will learn to trust your wiser self. Which is a really great benefit of reading Tarot!

#4 Walking through a decision

I often imagine Tarot is like a wise mentor- and I ask it questions about a possible decision- journaling as I go, creating a conversation with my cards. I might do 3 card spreads for questions like:

· What do I need to know about this problem.

· What should be my top priority.

· What aren’t I seeing?

· What’s blocking me.

Being able to “talk it through” with my cards can really trigger my creative right brain to problem solve in original ways, and it helps me to see where I have been self-sabotaging or procrastinating.

#5 Personal reflection on my life.

It’s easy to get stuck in a narrative- to be so attached with our story we just never quite let it go. Whether it’s “I’m just not that lucky in life” or “No-one will love me” through to “I’ll never be successful”. When I know I have a thought pattern like that blocking me I use the cards to help me to be more honest and have a better perspective.

So, when I was avoiding booking my trip to Norway (“I can’t possibly afford that”) I worked with spreads to reflect:

· What is the benefit of this trip.

· How will I feel afterwards.

· What do I need to know about money.

It’s like a conversation between my inner critic- always keen to bring me down or keep me in my safety bubble- and my higher guidance who wants what is best for me. Other wise my journaling can just be reinforcing my fears!

I’ll be posting a YouTube video demonstrating how I use tarot in each of these ways, and the spreads I use (just pop Maddy Elruna into YouTube to find me)

I read for myself most days, and often about the same area of my life- but it’s not a past/present/future spread- it will be usually in one of these 5 ways.

That’s why I love Tarot so much- it allows me to connect with my wiser self, even when my inner critic is shouting loudly ( as it does tend to do!)

(Tarot deck shown: DruidCraft)


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