What happens when I work as a shaman?

My experience, and understanding is that our brain can function in various ways. It can process information, work from habit, and it can connect outside of the self or “receive” information. I believe that when I work as a shaman I consciously choose to connect outside of my self, or receive information in connection with my client. This is how I experience the “altered state of consciousness” that books refer to. Basically I switch from process to receive. How to reach the altered state of consciousness I always found it a little too easy to reach this state, for me the issue was learning to control when! Like most things in life in needs a lot of practice. I have found working with a speci

How to use Tarot to manifest- a step by step guide.

I have seen several posts recently asking about Tarot & manifestation- I felt drawn to add my thoughts (as I so often do.) There are 4 suits- and they give you the clear steps to manifestation. Maybe your tarot deck, or your own associations are slightly different. Fair enough, I think it works in principle anyway. Suit of wands (fire) inspiration. Manifestation works most effectively when it is alignment with the universal laws. Sadly I don’t claim to know them in-depth, but my intuition/higher guidance/gut reaction normally does. I kind of know when something is “right” or “in alignment” mostly because it usually comes to me when meditating, shamanic journeying, or driving along not thinki

What should you expect from a Professional Tarot reader?

I was thinking about this recently. There are so many types of readers, offering such a diverse range of services. What are the common denominators? What should a professional Tarot reader be? (by which I mean someone charging for their readings) Transparent. I mean, not literally obviously. But if you are charging- online, face to face, wherever or how ever I think you need to be transparent. What are your charges, and what can the client expect in return? (and when if online) How do you read? Can your client ask questions, do you predict, are you a medium, psychic, or psychological reader? Even if this is in the first few moments chat at a face to face reading, or a carefully listed policy

Tarot reader or shaman? The lines do blur.

As my shaman path deepens I have found my roles as tarot reader and shaman have become a little blurred. Physical symptoms As a shaman healer often part of the process is to merge the edge of my aura so I can feel the physical pains in my client. This allows me to understand their experience with out the need for words. As plenty of my tarot regulars are aware this is now a common process in tarot readings. The worst part is that most people have issues with their throat chakra- which as my tarot job involves me talking, can be quite a problem. So if you notice a large thermal mug next to me, or that I start coughing as soon as you walk into my caravan it is likely that I am picking up on y

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