What should you expect from a Professional Tarot reader?

I was thinking about this recently. There are so many types of readers, offering such a diverse range of services. What are the common denominators?

What should a professional Tarot reader be? (by which I mean someone charging for their readings)


I mean, not literally obviously. But if you are charging- online, face to face, wherever or how ever I think you need to be transparent.

What are your charges, and what can the client expect in return? (and when if online)

How do you read? Can your client ask questions, do you predict, are you a medium, psychic, or psychological reader?

Even if this is in the first few moments chat at a face to face reading, or a carefully listed policy on your website- I think all clients have the right to know what to expect before the reading starts.

And no hidden extra’s. Ever. Offering to book another appointment or pointing out a workshop that might interest is one thing. But using our “hidden power” to suggest a client will deeply regret not paying out for the curse removal or special crystal to bring good luck is seriously bad practice.