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Mindset matters

Booking a shamanic healing, or Tarot reading, with me can be transformative and deeply healing. But its when you change your mindset that the magic really happens.

I find myself giving the same advice to a lot of clients (often indicated by the King of Swords in a reading).

If your inner critic is negative, always on the look out for problems, and keen to tell you its not worth starting anything (or changing) because it will all go wrong anyway - then this technique may help you.

When we are caught in the grip of a negative inner critic (8 swords/ 9 swords/ Devil) then we are so focused on the difficulties in life we don't even register the good moments. Which just fuels the over thinking and anxiety to new levels.

I often advice clients to try a double journaling technique.

Brain Dumping

Writing any negative thoughts, fears, anxieties on sheets of paper- and throwing it away with out reading it. This can be sweary, unreasonable, unfair and horrid. It can include letters to other people (never sent of course) and a general venting about life in general. The trick is to not read the words, and not keep them. You are letting go of this vile inner-critic.

It may take a while before these pages start to calm down- write as often as you need to- just letting go of the toxicity in your own psyche.

Enjoy diary

I've long struggled with gratitude (I know its important) but sometimes it feels a little like spiritual bypassing. Being grateful for warm food, and a comfortable bed even though the rest of life is pretty shit.

I prefer noting moments of joy. Things that just lifted me up, the small wins in life that made me smile. The sun shining when I get out of my car, a favourite song coming on the radio I'd forgotten about, bumping into a friend whilst shopping.

When we are stressed or traumatised our brain overlooks these little moments because it is on high alert for problems. Keeping a journal, noting down those moments that were happy, those little successes in life- and reading them back now and then. You will start to notice the joyful moments more and more.

And when this is used alongside the brain dumping- so you are slowly letting go of the negative critic as well- it really is transformative.

So if you are anxious, traumatised, struggling right now- give it a go. You can use alongside whatever other tools you are using. Try it for a few weeks- see if it makes a difference to you.


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