When Tarot predicts trouble ahead.

In January this year I lead a workshop where everyone did a month by month reading for the year ahead. I demonstrated by reading for myself first. The reading was balanced, helpful, and seemed to flow well. Until it hit October. I know we have a habit of saying helpful things like "there's no bad cards" but certain card combinations usually point to difficult times. I can't remember them exactly, but I know the 5 of swords, 5 of pentacles & tower were all there. I booked a reading with a Tarot reader in the summer. As I looked at the cards I could see the same pattern. "It is a time of growth ahead" he helpfully said "difficult times?" I asked. And yes, difficult times are here. It is a spec

How can tarot predict the future? (and what about fate & free will?)

….”We were in the shed, setting up her old loom. She pointed to the vertical lines of the yarn fixed to the wooden frame. “There are circumstances in our life that cannot be changed: when and where we are born, who our parents are.” She tugged hard at the yarn. “This is the warp. It’s fixed, see?” I nodded, and she placed my hand on the lines running across the frame from side to side. “This is the weft- the yarn that goes over and under the warp. This part we can change.” I looked at her, confused, and she hugged me close. “A person who has a poor start in life can still weave a good tapestry, if they make the right choices.” She whispered, “Strengthen what’s there, my child, and no one wi

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