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I first came across tarot at the end of a three month journey exploring America. I had completely run out of money and accepted a lift from a train station to stay with 3 students for my last week in America. (That's me in New York) I can remember they drank a lot of beer, ate bacon with maple syrup (very weird for me) and they were all pagan. They were out all day, and I would read their books, explore their tarot decks, and totally absorb myself. When they came back after college I would have hundreds of questions- and I learnt so much from these three generous and easy going young men. I also think I drank quite a lot of their beer... Time passed, I discovered Norse shamanism, got married

Dogged by the 5 of pentacles

As a tarot reader I check in regularly about ideas & plans- just to get a feel if they are “on track” or not. As I planned an entire year of shaman & Tarot workshops for 2019 I was feeling pretty proud of my focus and forward planning……except every time I asked the cards……there was the damn 5 of pentacles. There was a little variety, sometimes it was advice, other times outcome, and then when I thought I had escaped it was snuck at the bottom of the pack like a bad penny. I did get a little angry, then despondent (I won’t lie). I wondered whether the cards were telling me I simply wouldn’t make the money I needed to pay my rent. Then I decided to confront the nasty little card (I know there

How to be a Tarot pro, But where do I find my clients?????

Before you think about where to find your clients you need to think about how you will explain to them what you do, and how it could help them. “I’m a Tarot reader” does not sell readings. “Give me money so I can read your cards” is even less of interest. Think carefully- #As a Tarot reader what help can you offer to potential clients? What problem can you solve for them- that they would be prepared to pay for. As a professional tarot reader you are selling your service, and the first thing you need to do is to understand what problem you can solve for someone. And now you need to be able to express this clearly. Marketing books may refer this as an “elevator pitch” the idea being if you w

So you want to be a Tarot professional? Lets talk about money.

What makes a Tarot professional a professional? They charge money for their services. #1 Do you have issues around money? Let’s get this straight- if you are planning to run a Tarot/holistic business you’d better get smart with money. You will need to charge appropriate prices (more about that later) keep accounts, budget, and account for your spending. You may well have local tax rules you need to meet as well. If you don’t like money, can’t budget well, or don’t value your own skills- then this will be a huge learning curve. If money, and money issues, is not something you have considered then I suggest you save yourself a lot of time and work on this first. #Pricing It is easy to see some

Why I don't read about runes

I have never read a book on the runes, yet the runes are the basis of my spiritual (and everyday) life. I have read plenty of books on Norse mythology, its just I don’t think the runes translate well into words. They are symbols, and symbols take us to places that lists of associations simply can’t manage. So how did I develop my deep understanding of the runes? I use a set of runic stances- ideally daily- as a way of connecting to the runes in a deeply meditative state. I work with the 16 runes of the younger futhark. I start by focusing on my breathing and clapping twice to show that I am now connecting in a deeper state. Then with breath matching movement, and my mind deeply stilled I car

The first thing you need to be a Tarot Professional?

There are thousands of people out there offering tarot readings- and some of them are bloody terrible. I know- I’ve had a few bad readings myself, and helped clients shake off the doubt and fear that a bad tarot reader can leave. The first thing you need? Trust. Before a client books with you they need to have a sense of trust in you. How do you build trust? #1 It can take time. I have had people follow me on social media for several years before deciding to book a reading. So be patient- this is not a get rich quick technique, but a solid and reliable way to build a soul based business. It is a growing relationship with potential clients which can make all the difference- in my first year

Insights on the 8 of Pentacles

One of the key skills of reading tarot is how to take cards with quite a traditional meaning (perhaps the 2 of cups- lovers) and translate the card so it can apply to any area of life. I thought I’d start with the 8 of pentacles. Often considered a card of work, apprenticeship or learning a skill. And really core essential meanings for this card. But if someone has asked about “how do I improve my marriage” or “I am feeling overwhelmed by life right now” how do you translate this traditional card of work into other areas of life? In more general life I often see this card as getting organised, self discipline, and staying focused on one thing at a time. I read a book a while ago (wish I coul

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