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The first thing you need to be a Tarot Professional?

There are thousands of people out there offering tarot readings- and some of them are bloody terrible. I know- I’ve had a few bad readings myself, and helped clients shake off the doubt and fear that a bad tarot reader can leave.

The first thing you need? Trust.

Before a client books with you they need to have a sense of trust in you.

How do you build trust?

#1 It can take time. I have had people follow me on social media for several years before deciding to book a reading. So be patient- this is not a get rich quick technique, but a solid and reliable way to build a soul based business.

It is a growing relationship with potential clients which can make all the difference- in my first year the vast majority of my "working time" was unpaid, it was expressing myself on line, at local fairs, on my website- building a sense of trust with people.

#2 It needs consistency. Communicating to potential clients is a slow burn, gentle journey. Day by day, week by week. Reaching out, sharing your experiences, showing who you are.

We are so lucky that social media makes this possible. Which ever social media platform you choose (and always best to choose one to start with) consistency is key.

If you are doing local fairs- someone may see you for the first two, three times before having a reading (especially if it is not a spiritual/psychic fair). every chat you have, every question you answer is a helpful engagement.

#3 Honesty. I have found more than anything else along this journey that potential clients want to know who I am. Whether I am writing a blog, chatting at a fair, writing on my website, or answering an email- I always try and be me. My authentic voice, however you connect with me.

It may seem simple- but clients need to trust that I am exactly who and what I say I am, and they need to know that I am authentic. This includes telling people what I am skilled at, and passing them on to others when I can not meet their needs.

#4 An excellent service. In such a crowded market (and it is a crowded market) once you have built the trust to a level where a client will pay you for a reading- then you need to deliver.

If you are honest about your skills, and deliver the type of reading you promise, then you gain something more valuable than money in this business. A client who will tell others that you are good.

All the time spent building trust is a great investment, the payback comes when your clients start recommending you to others. That is when the trust your clients place in you is so worthwhile- when all the hours of unpaid work suddenly become very well spent.

#5 Patience There are many ways to build a Tarot business- from investing huge amounts in advertising, to undercutting other readers.

But the surest way to build a thriving business is to take the time to build trust with potential clients, offer them excellent service for a fair exchange, and keep on repeating. It is not a way to earn a quick buck or get rich quickly. It is slow and hard work- building a stable foundation from which the business can only grow.

Looking for a tarot card analogy? In my first year I was the 2 of pentacles, every penny I earnt was reinvested in the business- fairs at tables, face book advertising, posters, flyers, venue hire for free talks.

Now I am the 3 of pentacles. I feel my business is on a firm foundation, it may have taken time and effort- but I feel very confident in what I have created.

Blogs to follow in this series- Money & Charging for your readings, Advertising & how to find clients, Business skills, and Things I wish I had known before I started.

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