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How to be a Tarot pro, But where do I find my clients?????

Before you think about where to find your clients you need to think about how you will explain to them what you do, and how it could help them.

“I’m a Tarot reader” does not sell readings.

“Give me money so I can read your cards” is even less of interest.

Think carefully-

#As a Tarot reader what help can you offer to potential clients? What problem can you solve for them- that they would be prepared to pay for.

As a professional tarot reader you are selling your service, and the first thing you need to do is to understand what problem you can solve for someone.

And now you need to be able to express this clearly. Marketing books may refer this as an “elevator pitch” the idea being if you were travelling in a lift with someone and had a short window of time to explain what you do, and why it is worthwhile- what would you say?

There is no right or wrong here- whether you explain how you talk to deceased loved ones using Tarot, or how you use tarot as a psychological tool to aid counselling. As long as you are reflecting your beliefs & your skills- you are doing it right.

This is so important I’m going to say it again. You need to be able to explain clearly exactly how your reading can help a potential client. Otherwise you are just chatting about tarot. Fun, but people are unlikely to pay for a reading.

Next it is worth considering some of the key questions people might ask you, and be ready with a simple answer (all to easy to over complicate when you love your subject!)

#Is tarot evil?

#What if I get bad cards?

#Can you tell me if my husband is having an affair?

#If you’re any good why haven’t you predicted the lottery tickets?

#How does tarot actually work?

Now you have your message clear- how you can actually help people (and never presume any one knows this) you need to find ways to let people know.

If you are reading in your local area;

· Business cards

· Postcards in local shops/cafes/bookshops/bus stops etc

· Adverts in local magazines & newspapers

· Offer free talks at libraries, coffee shops etc, or contact local groups and offer a free talk.

· Reading at local fairs, pamper evenings etc.

· Offer hairdressers or other holistic therapists/beauticians a low cost or free reading- and ask if you can leave postcards/leaflets with them.

· Network with other therapists- you’ll recommend them if appropriate if they’ll recommend you (always ensure you swap treatments first- never recommend with out being certain they are good at what they do)

I have no doubt there are lots of other possibilities. Basically once you have your postcard/leaflet/business card then always be on the look out for places or people you can leave it with!

If you are looking to build an online profile

This is harder. There are two main ways to do this-

#1 through your Facebook page/website/ any directory or site you can find- share your key message about how you can help someone using your tarot skills.

As the internet is full of millions of people doing this about millions of things do not presume that just because your website is beautiful people will visit. Basically you need to do #2 to help people to find you!

#2 Find ways to interact, build a relationship with and add value to people’s lives. This may be through getting involved in Facebook groups- offering helpful insight to others, through blogs, vlogs, and any other way you can think of.

In a world where advertising is everywhere the consumer is super savvy and very good at just scrolling on past adverts or posts that are flag waving “Buy a reading from me”. Try and add value to a post- and they are more likely to take the time to read your post or comment and then won’t begrudge a quick reminder of what you do at the end.

Try not to oversell yourself to Tarot readers. Consider what other interests and skills you have, and try to build relationships in different online groups. Offer value, add content, and create relationships- gently remind people what you do, and how you help. Whether you interest is baking, gardening, gaming, books, paganism, business- this where you can shine a little, add great content and attract interest.

Phew- it’s hard right. “Where do I find my clients” is actually “How do I put my clear message in front of a potential client, and persuade them to stop scrolling long enough to read it. ?”

So I’d like to add a few bullet points of things that can help

· Research copy writing- writing to get your message across is a whole topic on its own. Your first few sentences must resonate with the reader, be easily understandable and make them want to read more.

· Use great images- ideally take your own, and make them interesting and unique, but also reflective of who you are.

· Have a cohesive image- a name for your business (even if it is your own), ideally a logo, specific colours perhaps a key tag-line.- so that if a client see’s two different posts by you they know they are both by you.

· Remember to include a way a potential client can contact you.

Don't base your advertising & marketing on anyone else. This works because your expression of what you do so clearly reflects who you are. It never works in the long run to copy another successful readers "brand". You will never be better than they are at being themselves. So take the time to find your words, your way of expressing what you do. I love that my business card- reflects my Norse roots because so many people think that's Odin.

So sorry to disappoint by the title of this blog. The problem is not “where do I find my clients” But rather “how can I let potential clients know how my readings could help them”

Once you have a clear understanding of how your service is helpful- then it is just time, consistency & patience.

No one ever got rich quick by starting a Tarot business….(but it is a fantastic job!)

Lets talk about money, next week- Business skills needed.

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