How to be a Tarot pro, But where do I find my clients?????

Before you think about where to find your clients you need to think about how you will explain to them what you do, and how it could help them.

“I’m a Tarot reader” does not sell readings.

“Give me money so I can read your cards” is even less of interest.

Think carefully-

#As a Tarot reader what help can you offer to potential clients? What problem can you solve for them- that they would be prepared to pay for.

As a professional tarot reader you are selling your service, and the first thing you need to do is to understand what problem you can solve for someone.

And now you need to be able to express this clearly. Marketing books may refer this as an “elevator pitch” the idea being if you were travelling in a lift with someone and had a short window of time to explain what you do, and why it is worthwhile- what would you say?

There is no right or wrong here- whether you explain how you talk to deceased loved ones using Tarot, or how you use tarot as a psychological tool to aid counselling. As long as you are reflecting your beliefs & your skills- you are doing it right.

This is so important I’m going to say it again. You need to be able to explain clearly exactly how you