Stalked by the 3 of swords

I often get asked if my job – as tarot reader and shaman healer- are exhausting. Honestly not so much, no. What can be exhausting is working through my own shadow. So often clients reflect, in some way or another, a part of my journey. Then to ensure that I am can hold a completely neutral , safe space I need to work on releasing my issues, working through another layer of my shadow. I’ve noticed for the last few months the 3 of swords has endlessly popped up in readings for me. And often not in a coherent sense. Just there, not fitting in with the reading- but making its presence known. Then the three of swords started to be a central card in every reading for me, and my anxiety was risin

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of social media

I am actually half way through writing a tarot focused blog, and have paused to write this instead. A cautionary tale of bully tactics, plain stupidity and ego maniacs. I rather love Facebook- I have some great friends here and have learnt so much by being involved in a few key groups.But I have come to appreciate just how unequal Facebook groups are. I have either left, or in certain cased been kicked out, of groups for; #1 Refusing to photoshop my Rider-Waite tarot deck which is considered to show too much nudity. (that was a pagan group!) #2 Being constantly trolled by members of the group demanding free tarot readings- after all it is just a gift from spirit (pagan group again!) #3 Being

How can entering an altered state of awareness help?

It can help in different ways, and for different reasons. I'm offering one example here... I believe the main purpose of life is to be completely you- “whole” if you like- fully committed to experiencing life, and consciously creating the best life for you. A key part of the shamanic process is becoming aware of things that are hidden. In your psyche, memory, thought process, ancestry, emotions. These hidden processes still have an effect on your life, it’s just that you are (mostly) unaware of them. I like to think of them as programmes running un-noticed. They will influence many parts of our lives, but because they have been there so long we have grown used to them. They are hard to spo

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