Dogged by the 5 of pentacles

As a tarot reader I check in regularly about ideas & plans- just to get a feel if they are “on track” or not.

As I planned an entire year of shaman & Tarot workshops for 2019 I was feeling pretty proud of my focus and forward planning……except every time I asked the cards……there was the damn 5 of pentacles.

There was a little variety, sometimes it was advice, other times outcome, and then when I thought I had escaped it was snuck at the bottom of the pack like a bad penny.

I did get a little angry, then despondent (I won’t lie). I wondered whether the cards were telling me I simply wouldn’t make the money I needed to pay my rent.

Then I decided to confront the nasty little card (I know there is “a lesson in every card” but seriously- do you ever look at the 5 of pentacles and feel delighted?) I realised the card would keep cropping up until I understood the message.

So the next time I read, and there it was, I kept the three card reading out. Stared deeply at the damn card, re-shuffled the rest of the pack and drew 1 card to place onto the 5 of pentacles and “unlock it” if you like. It was the 8 of swords. Maybe what the cards were saying was that this plan was still restricted by my lack of self confidence- that I was blocking my success my self limiting thoughts.

And so I got out my big white board and re-wrote what I wanted to achieve next year, started to trust what I hoped to achieve, to dream just a little bit bigger.

Now the 5 of cups kept popping up. As I “unlocked” this card I either got the page, knight or queen of swords. Curious- in the end I got the 4 cards out and really worked with them. I was reminded of the 80/20 rule , and realised the cards were telling me to cut away those parts of my business that were taking too much time, but not bringing much reward. Basically stop trying to mend the leaky cups, and focus on those parts of my business that work well instead.