The sadness of the Tarot reader.

I always keep a box of tissues next to where clients sit for tarot readings. Tears are common- even if life is not that bad right now. There doesn’t seem much space for people to really talk- and be listened to. Society seems to filter out the deep emotion, the need, the hurt- so it all lies there waiting to spill over when the space allows. I have had people just cry when they realise that a part of my job is to validate their feelings. I don’t care how out of perspective your feelings are. They are your feelings and having them acknowledged is an important part of working out whether to let them go or not. Perhaps this isn’t in the realm of all tarot readers. And a good proportion of my cl

Life mirrored by tarot- finding myself

It’s funny how life mirrors the inner landscape- its been happening a lot recently. I spent a weekend totally giving more than I had, or wanted to. Went to leave- and my car battery was flat. My husband is compulsive about maintaining our cars. In 17 years of marriage that has never happened. Last night I was catching up on the Handmaid’s Tale (no spoilers!) after a brutal episode of June praying in the hospital room she finds her sanity again and says “I think I got a little lost”. That is exactly how I feel about the last few months. I work full time as a tarot reader, teacher and shaman. I love, love, love my work but it had started to become “overflowing”. By which I mean work spilt into

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