The sadness of the Tarot reader.

I always keep a box of tissues next to where clients sit for tarot readings. Tears are common- even if life is not that bad right now.

There doesn’t seem much space for people to really talk- and be listened to.

Society seems to filter out the deep emotion, the need, the hurt- so it all lies there waiting to spill over when the space allows.

I have had people just cry when they realise that a part of my job is to validate their feelings. I don’t care how out of perspective your feelings are. They are your feelings and having them acknowledged is an important part of working out whether to let them go or not.

Perhaps this isn’t in the realm of all tarot readers. And a good proportion of my client’s simply want clear answers to fully understand what’s going on- no tears, no validation, just clarity.

But when a client starts crying the minute they feel the welcome of the space I believe my role is to support that process using the tarot. I will create spreads to reflect their feelings, leading deeper to find the core wound- whether very recent or leading back to early childhood.

One point I was perhaps a little naïve on was the heart wrenching side of witnessing other people’s emotional pain. When I started client’s often had mundane choices and confusions.