The primal force of the Empress

The Empress, to many she is seen as a mother figure. So I thought I would consider the physical; process of being a mother. Mother- lets strip away the psychological a and social. Lets reflect on the basic physical act of birthing and feeding a baby,- and see how this help us to understand the Empress. #1 Wonder Whether a baby is expected, hoped for, surprising, or a potential burden I argue every pregnancy carries a sense of awe and wonder. How can our bodies create a living being? How can we have a person growing inside us? How can all this be happening with out our conscious bodies being in control? Breathing is an unconscious process, our heart beating, we get used to that magic. But cr

Working with spirit guides

One of the hardest parts of working with spirit guides is how to know if it is your deepest self you are connecting with, or something outside of yourself. In essence- if it is helpful- it does not really matter. I can remember the first time other people saw “my” spirit guide. It was a group Seidr session (Nordic chanting). I had had a tearful conversation with my guide Frey. He told me I needed to work with other guides, and he would be stepping aside to let these relationships develop. I was bit pissed off and frankly devastated. As he walked away I watched him and I wept. As far as I was concerned this had all happened silently, in my head. But other members of the group asked who the g

My worst clients- a full breakdown.

“Am I your worst client?” is a question I have been asked many times now, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts. If you have seen me more than twice, you are not my worst client. I simply don’t rebook them- but have a read through you may spot yourself in my list. The complete melt down client It happens a regularly. A reading allows you a chance to share deeply personal experiences you probably haven’t been able to share before. Perhaps its just seeing your life reflected in the cards, or realising you don’t have to put on a front with me. And so you reach “melt down” from silent tears, to gut wrenching sobs, I’ve experienced them all. I have absolutely no issues with tears and

Tarot for happiness

“Our life is what our thoughts make it” Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor For a long time humans have wondered which came first- the thought, or the physical reality. Many it seems think the thought comes first “You are not what you think you are: but what you think, you are” Norman V Deale Perhaps we will not answer this question conclusively in my lifetime, but our thoughts dramatically affect how we appreciate and enjoy life. “The mind is its own place, in itself: Can make a heaven of hell, and a hell of heaven.” Milton I have read for clients in the worst of situations that are focused on enjoying what they have, appreciating and making the best. I have read for clients that have so many bl

Getting to know a Tarot deck

There is, in my opinion, only one way to "bond" with a deck, to get to know a deck, or to decide if a deck is for you. You need to spend time getting to know every card in the pack. I appreciate with 78 cards in a pack of tarot cards this is quite an investment of time, but it is the best way to really understand any deck, and is the basis of being able to read with a deck fluently. There are many ways to structure this process, this is how I like to do it; #1 Gaze at the cards, 1 at a time (I chose 30 minutes per card as I knew I wanted to move into professional tarot card reading) #2 Record your thoughts about the card, what do feel, see, what do the symbols mean to you? #3 Research what

What is psychic attack- and what you can do about it.

One of the key things I do as a shaman healer is remove psychic daggers from people’s auras. This is a build up of negative energy in their aura- it can be covering the entire aura, or very concentrated in specific areas. Where do these daggers come from? Based on my experience they have several causes; # General openness. If you are the kind of person who “feels” what another person feels, picks up on the atmosphere of a room, and just knows things- then with out careful daily protection you will be picking up others negative emotions. This isn’t intentional, on a subconscious level you feel their hurt, and try to help. But because you aren’t aware of what you are doing, you are not aware o

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