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My Tarot spread for difficult times

Written in celebration of the summer solstice, when the light is at its brightest, I also calll this my "find the light" spread.

Have you have ever been really overwhelmed by life, turned to your favourite tarot deck for a little help, and found its only reflecting how bad you feel?

Numerous times now I've reached hopefully and there are those darkest of cards- 5 of pentacles, 9 of swords....

Often the Tarot mirrors us back to ourselves, wanting to help us to be honest. Sometimes I can't handle that honesty. Sometimes I want a little more joy. So, I look through the tarot cards and consciously choose three cards to mark what it is I am aiming for in life right now. This way I can be 100% assured that the outcome is a good one!

Now you may be wondering- is this cheating? Or spiritual bypassing in someway? I don't think so- I see it more as using the cards to create a vision board of what I am aiming for.

Once I have my three chosen cards for the future, then I shuffle the rest of the deck and read in a more traditional way.

Cards 1-3 represent where I am right now. Let those dark and difficult cards crop up, I don't care- I feel them already.

Cards 4-6 represent practical advice to help reach my desired outcome- let those dark and difficult cards crop up, I will read them as practical advice and not be daunted!

Here is my spread-

I am choosing to be kind to myself (Strength), to be confident and focus on having fun (queen wands) and to trust that life will go well based on the hard work I have put in to get to this point (3 wands).

Not surprised to see the 8 of swords- I have been letting thoughts overwhelm me, love the idea and imagery of the 6 of swords. Just keep moving on, trust that all is going well (world) and don't let the birds of worry settle (page swords).

Give it a go- I hope you have fun!


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