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For the Love of tarot

I first came across tarot at the end of a three month journey exploring America. I had completely run out of money and accepted a lift from a train station to stay with 3 students for my last week in America. (That's me in New York)

I can remember they drank a lot of beer, ate bacon with maple syrup (very weird for me) and they were all pagan.

They were out all day, and I would read their books, explore their tarot decks, and totally absorb myself. When they came back after college I would have hundreds of questions- and I learnt so much from these three generous and easy going young men.

I also think I drank quite a lot of their beer...

Time passed, I discovered Norse shamanism, got married, became pregnant with my first child.

I felt no draw to continue with either Nordic martial arts or shamanism whilst pregnant. Yet we lived in a tiny off grid home- no computer, and time a plenty on my hands.

As I searched for something to fill my time I came across my old Rider-Waite tarot deck and a copy of “78 degrees of wisdom”. Honestly- that happily filled my 9 months.

I fell into tarot- simple 3 cards readings, then absorbing myself in the book to delve deep into the symbolism. I felt as if the cards took me on journeys that before only shamanism had allowed.

What I love about tarot is not endless readings, or quick practice readings- but the depth of understanding that one reading can offer me. Each card is a doorway, each card has so many multiple meanings. Just three cards is a doorway to self reflection, deep understanding if time allows.

In my darkest of times tarot has become a doorway to something far bigger than me, helping me to understand that “this too shall past”.

In the best of times tarot will remind me to enjoy, to live in the moment, and give gentle advice how to create even more joy.

And now Tarot is not only my income- allowing me to support my children. It has created deep friendships, as well as a genuine sense of community and connection with people I may not have ever even met.

And each time I reach for my tarot deck I realise how much more there is to learn.

That is why I love tarot.

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