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How can tarot predict the future? (and what about fate & free will?)

….”We were in the shed, setting up her old loom. She pointed to the vertical lines of the yarn fixed to the wooden frame. “There are circumstances in our life that cannot be changed: when and where we are born, who our parents are.” She tugged hard at the yarn. “This is the warp. It’s fixed, see?” I nodded, and she placed my hand on the lines running across the frame from side to side. “This is the weft- the yarn that goes over and under the warp. This part we can change.” I looked at her, confused, and she hugged me close. “A person who has a poor start in life can still weave a good tapestry, if they make the right choices.” She whispered, “Strengthen what’s there, my child, and no one will notice the holes. “

And that is how I understand Fate, Free will & the tarot to work.

Fate is what you are born to, and with.

Your genetics, parents, county and place of birth. The current economic and political climate, your early childhood and those certain things you cannot change, have no control over. “Fate” if you like.

I believe tarot can pick up these lines of inherent fate. It can also pick up on your unconscious . This allows the tarot to reflect the pattern of your life choices up to this point- and “predict” how that pattern will continue to be woven.

So the Tarot presumes you will follow through with the life pattern in your unconscious and conscious at the point of a tarot reading.

The Tarot also allows you to consider "what if I..." and see how the weave changes with each decision.

The Tarot allows you the perspective to see the pattern of your life, and then consciously choose to make adjustments if you wish to.

It doesn't change "fate" but it can help you to make the very best of your fate.

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