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When Tarot predicts trouble ahead.

In January this year I lead a workshop where everyone did a month by month reading for the year ahead.

I demonstrated by reading for myself first.

The reading was balanced, helpful, and seemed to flow well. Until it hit October.

I know we have a habit of saying helpful things like "there's no bad cards" but certain card combinations usually point to difficult times.

I can't remember them exactly, but I know the 5 of swords, 5 of pentacles & tower were all there.

I booked a reading with a Tarot reader in the summer. As I looked at the cards I could see the same pattern. "It is a time of growth ahead" he helpfully said "difficult times?" I asked.

And yes, difficult times are here. It is a specific and difficult change in our finances which I have no doubt I will look back at and appreciate as a "period of growth". But honestly although I know I can navigate this, it is challenging.

Personally I don't think any Tarot reading could change where I am now. This is the wider arm of fate, society and circumstance.

What I am is better prepared. More able to adapt, unsurprised.

I have helped numerous clients dance around difficult times, often a change in mindset or choices can create a completely different future. But when the future is not in my, or my clients hand, then knowing trouble is ahead is helpful. Time to prepare psychologically & practically as definitely put me in a stronger position.

I think part of the key is once I accepted this would be a difficult time, I could not change this. Then I focused on "so how do I best deal with it" As is so often with tarot- the right question is so very helpful.

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