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How to use Tarot to manifest- a step by step guide.

I have seen several posts recently asking about Tarot & manifestation- I felt drawn to add my thoughts (as I so often do.)

There are 4 suits- and they give you the clear steps to manifestation. Maybe your tarot deck, or your own associations are slightly different. Fair enough, I think it works in principle anyway.

Suit of wands (fire) inspiration.

Manifestation works most effectively when it is alignment with the universal laws. Sadly I don’t claim to know them in-depth, but my intuition/higher guidance/gut reaction normally does. I kind of know when something is “right” or “in alignment” mostly because it usually comes to me when meditating, shamanic journeying, or driving along not thinking- I just “know” what it is.

I think it is difficult to manifest stuff you just “want” because you know deep down it’s not what is really "best" for you (or perhaps others).

I am well aware there are experienced occult workers who can bend, and probably break these rules- but I am talking here for people who want to “manifest” as part of their life, rather than work with complex magic and ritual.

Suit of cups (water) emotion

There is a reason top sports athletes imagine running a race, winning, and accepting the top prize. It is a powerful tool to enhance performance.

When we emotionally engage with something we pull energy towards it, building power, focus, intent. Building our life around our deepest emotion.

Emotionally engaging with what you wish to manifest is a powerful tool- whether through meditation, poetry, drama…..

It programmes your unconscious mind with what you expect to achieve- and that is a useful ally.

Suit of swords (air) mind and words

Dreaming is mighty useful- but it rarely gets the job done.

Translating those dreams into words, speech, goals, a plan.

That is the next step.

Creating a clear intention, and then planning how you will do it (and when). A powerful step in manifesting.

Suit of Pentacles (earth) the physical world.

I like to believe that God does move mountains- but he expects you to bring a shovel.

This is the suit of doing the stuff you wrote down in the suit of swords. Yup. You- stepping into the power of your life and creating the change you want.

Manifesting. It does involve doing.

Personally I like to use Tarot along the journey, every step of the way.

· Helping me to connect with my intuition.

· Consciously creating a vision board of cards for me to meditate on.

· Using the tarot plan for how to bets achieve my intentions.

· Checking in with daily mini spreads to keep me on track as I actively manifest my life.

I'll be writing more on this subject- including the key positive cards for manifesting, the keys cards that represent blocks, and helpful spreads.

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