Tarot reader or shaman? The lines do blur.

As my shaman path deepens I have found my roles as tarot reader and shaman have become a little blurred.

Physical symptoms

As a shaman healer often part of the process is to merge the edge of my aura so I can feel the physical pains in my client. This allows me to understand their experience with out the need for words.

As plenty of my tarot regulars are aware this is now a common process in tarot readings. The worst part is that most people have issues with their throat chakra- which as my tarot job involves me talking, can be quite a problem.

So if you notice a large thermal mug next to me, or that I start coughing as soon as you walk into my caravan it is likely that I am picking up on your throat chakra.

Luckily this is only short lived for me- as soon as the reading is finished the connection is over. And the chance to talk honestly about your life, and be heard, is really healing for your throat chakra too!

Exhaustion, overwhelm and deep depression

This “connection” can be difficult if my client is feeling deep overwhelm- and I do need to close down slightly sometimes to be able to focus on the cards and the reading rather than their exhaustion.