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Tarot reader or shaman? The lines do blur.

As my shaman path deepens I have found my roles as tarot reader and shaman have become a little blurred.

Physical symptoms

As a shaman healer often part of the process is to merge the edge of my aura so I can feel the physical pains in my client. This allows me to understand their experience with out the need for words.

As plenty of my tarot regulars are aware this is now a common process in tarot readings. The worst part is that most people have issues with their throat chakra- which as my tarot job involves me talking, can be quite a problem.

So if you notice a large thermal mug next to me, or that I start coughing as soon as you walk into my caravan it is likely that I am picking up on your throat chakra.

Luckily this is only short lived for me- as soon as the reading is finished the connection is over. And the chance to talk honestly about your life, and be heard, is really healing for your throat chakra too!

Exhaustion, overwhelm and deep depression

This “connection” can be difficult if my client is feeling deep overwhelm- and I do need to close down slightly sometimes to be able to focus on the cards and the reading rather than their exhaustion.

More often it is not my client that is in deep overwhelm (it can be difficult o reach out from that place) but a loved one is in that space. This can be a strange situation. I feel the deep exhaustion and overwhelm- and need to ask my client to detach from their loved one to allow me to focus on the reading. It still amazes me- but I can feel the change in my energy levels as soon as my client detaches.

Verbally challenged

Everyone’s brain is wired slightly differently. I’m a very verbal person- I love to read, write, talk things though and a very quick talker.

Some people are slower talkers- and when I am doing a tarot reading sometimes I struggle to find the words, and process my thoughts into words. This is usually a direct reflection of my client. It can be quite amusing to see me fishing around, confused, for the words that usually come so easily.

When spirit guides want to shout

I have had a handful of clients now like this. As soon as they walk into the caravan the energy raises and I can feel the presence of others. It’s odd- I aim to read the tarot and use my higher guidance to help me understand the patterns. But every now and then spirit guides just need to be heard.

These readings can be fascinating, the information just flows so fast I’m not really looking at the cards. Then when I look at the cards it’s as if I had read them anyway.

I’m always honest with these clients- I let them know I feel the information is coming from their guides. Normally they are well aware of this anyway, often I am only repeating what they have already heard in their own meditations so many times. It’s just they needed to hear it clearly- it is so easy to become too logical and overlook these messages a little.

I love these readings- the clients are often other shaman’s or healers and the readings are easy- if a little hectic due to the flow of information- I am simply channelling their guides through the tool of tarot.

When tarot readings reflect each other

I have noticed a strange synchronicity about what I call a “run” on readings. There can be a strange and consistent theme between readings.

The two readings on one day that both covered past life’s to Atlantis, the three authors in one day, the three woman in one week all unexpectedly pregnant all uncertain about what to do.

Or the strangest of all. Five Anna’s all in one day. By the time the last Anna came I was in the bath- convinced I must have made a mistake with my bookings.

I have learnt now to just be open to whatever unfolds in a tarot reading. To trust, and be open to the process. Sometimes I am a shaman who happens to be using tarot. Sometimes I am reading tarot. I will blend my skills as best suits my client.

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