The value of a professional tarot reading

I am a professional tarot reader, and I regularly have professional tarot readings to help me keep on track- I’ve written this blog to explain why I consider this so valuable to me.

Before I do I’d like to explain what I mean by a “professional” reading. It really is very simple- I mean a reading I purchase. Where there is a fair and perceived equal exchange – usually using money.

Does the exchange of money mean a professional reader is any better than from a reader who chooses not to charge money? Absolutely not. The exchange of money is no guarantee of quality. But by advertising as a professional reader I do gain two very important things;

#1 The opportunity to book a reading- to know the cost, what is included in the reading, the type of reading (not all readers are the same!), and the time-frame for the reading. By setting up “shop” the reader is advertising what they can offer in exchange for my money allowing me to make a choice.

#2 A chance to learn more about the reader before booking- whether through social media, a website, email or phone call. A professional reader needs to “present” themselves to the public, and this allows me to choose the best reader for my needs. There is never 100% guarantee of course- and I have been disappointed in the past. But by carefully reading though any material the reader has created, reading through their testimonials etc. there is a good chance of creating a realistic picture of how good they are.

So if I am a professional reader- and able to read tarot for others. Why do I feel the need to receive a reading from others?

My understanding is that when we read the tarot we connect with the cards from an inspired, or intuitive, part of ourselves (depending on your world view). But to understand that information we need to translate the information into meaningful words using our left brain.

And the left brain is the source of a whole host of problems.