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The value of a professional tarot reading

I am a professional tarot reader, and I regularly have professional tarot readings to help me keep on track- I’ve written this blog to explain why I consider this so valuable to me.

Before I do I’d like to explain what I mean by a “professional” reading. It really is very simple- I mean a reading I purchase. Where there is a fair and perceived equal exchange – usually using money.

Does the exchange of money mean a professional reader is any better than from a reader who chooses not to charge money? Absolutely not. The exchange of money is no guarantee of quality. But by advertising as a professional reader I do gain two very important things;

#1 The opportunity to book a reading- to know the cost, what is included in the reading, the type of reading (not all readers are the same!), and the time-frame for the reading. By setting up “shop” the reader is advertising what they can offer in exchange for my money allowing me to make a choice.

#2 A chance to learn more about the reader before booking- whether through social media, a website, email or phone call. A professional reader needs to “present” themselves to the public, and this allows me to choose the best reader for my needs. There is never 100% guarantee of course- and I have been disappointed in the past. But by carefully reading though any material the reader has created, reading through their testimonials etc. there is a good chance of creating a realistic picture of how good they are.

So if I am a professional reader- and able to read tarot for others. Why do I feel the need to receive a reading from others?

My understanding is that when we read the tarot we connect with the cards from an inspired, or intuitive, part of ourselves (depending on your world view). But to understand that information we need to translate the information into meaningful words using our left brain.

And the left brain is the source of a whole host of problems.

Firstly the whole brain is dependant on the unconscious for background information. Now my experience is no matter how much shadow work, spiritual work, self analysis, paid analysis- everyone has a shadow side. Everyone has something hidden in their unconscious that they would rather not look at.

And the left brain is a mighty powerful thing. If it has chosen to not look at something in the unconscious it will try no end of clever tricks to stick to this agreement.

So no matter how perfect your connection to the tarot, how mindful or deeply intuitive you are, that information still has to come through your left brain. And your left brain will deliberately skew the reading to reflect your deep held beliefs.

For many types of readings this really isn’t a big issue, and with some careful reflection you can normally start to see when your readings are influenced by shadow stuff. And I certainly don’t want to put anyone of tarot reading for themselves. I read regularly for myself and find it insightful and mighty helpful.

But- every now and then I book a professional reading to ensure the tarot mirror is held square and straight.

It would be sensible to ask if a tarot reader can be scewed by their shadow when reading for clients.

I would say a big fat yes to this. Reading tarot can trigger me massively, and I often need sessions to work through what ever shadow stuff it has stirred. But I am able to read for clients with an objectivity I can not apply to myself.

Why else do I book a Tarot reading?

#1 To enjoy a style different to mine!

I love going to those psychic type readers that hardly turn a card and whisper to spirits (I am more traditional- I focus my reading on the cards)

I love going to a reader I know who uses a strange and archaic deck. He is very occult based-using lots of numerology.

As a tarot reader I simply enjoy watching other readers work! I’m not snooping if they ask I am always happy to say I am also reader. It is about appreciating the diversty of our craft.

#2 Because I really value the insight Tarot can give.

I believe in tarot 100%. It does need to be matched by a skilled reader- but I think the two together are life changing.

I tried a business mentor not so long ago. He was great, really helpful- but- he just didn’t “get” what I do. I have come to value business focused tarot readings as a far greater support. I guess you could say they “speak my language”

#3 We all need a little help sometimes.

I am only human- as a wife, mother, reader, healer, shaman & teacher much of my life is helping others. And that is just fine.

But sometimes I just like to sit back and let someone else hold the space.

I hope you have found my blog helpful, I have been exploring Tarot through my blogs for sometime now- my bogs are sorted into categories to help you follow whatever tarot or shaman focused interest you may have.

Maddy Elruna


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