The power of gazing

When I run shaman circles and workshops there is one technique that splits a group instantly.

A true "marmite" technique that people either love or hate- gazing.

It is a simple thing. Gaze at another person's eyes. let your focus and soften and become fully aware of the other person.

The first part of the exercise is to actually allow yourself to be seen. Eyes open, no words, allowing someone else to look at you.

The second part of the exercise is trusting that you will be able to connect with more than the physical when you gaze at the other person. I use the word connect because it is easy to presume that you will "see" changes. many do, but there are so many ways you can receive information that being open minded is key. here are some of the experiences people have shared with me.

Visual changes in the other persons face is very common. Often their face changes rapidly into lots of other human faces. Sometimes they morph into animals or god like figures, tattoos and markings may appear, or the face may disappear altogether.

Visual changes in the background. Sometimes the focus changes to the background. Spirit guides and animals may be seen, or entire scenes of woodland, ocean, mountains. Sometimes wings seem to grow, the universe can be seen, or the background can fade to nothing altogether. (I once gazed with a client & saw the most astonishing jet black wings grow from behind her. When I told her I was a little surprised as she started to take off her top- and there was a tattoo at the top of her shoulder of the wings I had seen.)