My journey to become a tarot teacher

A life-time ago I was a nursery school teacher. I saw myself as a “facilitator” creating an engaging environment for the children and supporting their learning.

Life changed, I took break from teaching to focus on my Norse shaman path, got married, had four children….and then I needed to earn again.

I thought of teaching- but honestly with four under tens in the home it was not an appealing idea any more. My mind was drawn to Tarot- it had become a big part of my life over the years, could I possibly set up a business in tarot?

Next came a really stupid phase. I spent three months carefully deliberating whether to teach tarot or read tarot.

Lists, conversations, research. I couldn’t make up my mind.

Every tarot reading suggesting there was no difference between the two choices (easy to get a blind spot when reading for yourself)

Until I finally realised- it was not a choice, the two worked better together anyway.

I set up low key local workshops, charged just enough to cover room rent, and trialled teaching tarot. Because I saw it as “trial” teaching I was quite relaxed, walked around the group, chatted, taught, really enjoyed the process. When the course finished I felt ready to step up.