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Life is a blend of inner & outer work.

A Tarot spread is a simple reflection of an utterly complex and diverse world.

It can reflect what has been, what could be, what might be, what is.

It can reflect the inner world of hopes, dreams, anxieties, blocks and pure potential.

It can reflect the outer world- those around you, your actions, connections, daily habits.

And it can be hard to work out what the hell is going on!

Over time I have come to get a feel for what part of a Tarot spread is reflecting the inner journey, and what part of a tarot spread is reflecting the outer journey- and this can be a fascinating tool for reflection and empowerment.

I have seen focused clients, having done a ton of self-work but fed up that their life has not changed. This spread can help them to see how “bright” their inner life is- and how the outer world is adapting, morphing. How they are now creating a real physical change, even if it is slower than they would have hoped.

I have read for clients that have an amazing life, but just feel “jaded” or “grey”. They can see the cards that reflect their inner and outer life- and appreciate that this needs inner journey work to process their emotions, work with their shadow- and start to enjoy the life they have.

The spread I use is quite simple- as most of my spreads are.

I place three cards to represent the issue, question, overview, or reflect the issue the client wants me to focus on. For example work, relationship, happiness, spiritual journey. (1,2,3)

Three cards to the left reflect the inner journey. (4,5,6)

Three cards to the right reflect the outer journey. (7,8,9)

Nice and simple. There is no real placement other than that- but I can often see a subtle placements within the 9 card grid.

The spread can have a slight time frame where the top row is past, middle row present, bottom row future.

Or the time can flow from 4-6 the inner journey, and then 7-9 how the outer world is changing as a result of the inner world.

And then of course you have the three mini readings; 4-1-7, 5-2-8, 6-3-9

All in all this is a fascinating spread that I have used many times for myself and clients- I find it is a slow spread, I like to take my time and look at all the mini spreads with in it to build up quite a complex picture of what exactly is unfolding in life.

The picture shows a spread I recently did for me. I love the "inner work" side. As a shaman and tarot reader I do a lot of inner work, and feel very comfortable working on my blocks, and other people's.

I am less comfortable with the "outer world" but am trying to bring balance to my life- which think can be shown by the 2 of wands and ace of pentacles- both cards of strong new starts.

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